Dental Marketing Mastery with Howie and Mark
Dental Marketing Mastery with Howie and Mark
In Dental Marketing Mastery, Howard Horrocks and Mark Dilatush discuss the ins and outs of dental marketing they have learned over the past 27 years.
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Call Tracking ROI: Wrestling an Oiled Pig with Chopsticks (Dental Marketing Mastery #20)
Listen In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we discuss call tracking ROI. Why is it important? How do you get the actual numbers? Podcast highlights: Do patients lie to you? "We don't need call tracking" Gaining actual insight into patient sources What is the EXACT...  Read More
Dental Marketing Mastery #19: Value Gap. Dentistry is NOT a Refrigerator!
Listen Mark and Howie discuss the value gap in dentistry. What is it? Which moms respond to advertising that doesn't rely on a price incentive? If they don't respond to price, what WILL they respond to? Podcast Highlights: What is your target demographic interested in? How is your target...  Read More
Dental Marketing Mastery #18: Design. What will make you, and what will break you!
Listen In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, Mark and Howie talk about the one thing that can make or break your advertising: design. Podcast highlights: Proper margins, fonts, graphics, picture density, size What will customers say? Does it matter? What are the professional...  Read More

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