Dentists, Implants and Worms
Dentists, Implants and Worms
Join Dr. Justin Moody, Gabe Olson and Jeffrey Smith every Tuesday and Friday as they help dentists of all ages navigate the world of dentistry— one vodka soda at a time!

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Episode 43: Throw Away Your Drills and Get Some LASERS!
Get ready to trade-in your dental drills for some dental lasers after listening to this episode! We have Dr. Tim Kelly of Rapid City, SD in studio with us and he tells us all about why he loves dental laser technology when it comes to the treatment plans of several different areas of dental...  Read More
Episode 42: OU College of Dentistry Old School Reunion
Apparently it's Old School week on Dentists, Implants and Worms because our latest episode was essentially a University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry reunion with Justin and Dr. Grant Ritchey. That's pretty much all I got for show notes on this one... this was all Justin and Grant! Definitely...  Read More
Episode 41: Confessions of a Dental Student
Brandon Evert was kind enough to reach out and request to be on our show. He right in the middle of his educational career at Indiana University, expected to graduate in 2018. So, while he is by far our youngest guest to be on the podcast... He proved himself to be quite the budding dentist! ...  Read More
Episode 40: Gary Takacs was Born to be Wild
We had the opportunity to have one of the best podcast hosts out there, Gary Takacs, with us in Podcast Studio 1-A. Joining us from Scottsdale, Arizona, Gary gives us plenty of entertaining insight into the world of dentistry. Oddly enough, he is not a dentist, but he does own a dental practice...  Read More
Episode 39: The Mayor of Dentaltown (Part Two)
By now you've probably listened to Part One of our interview with Howard Farran. If you haven't, what are you waiting for?!? Listen to Part One and then come back here and listen to Part Two! In case you don't know who Howard Farran is (and if you don't you should be ashamed) here's his bio,...  Read More
Episode 38: The Mayor of Dentaltown (Part One)
Looks like we're going downtown... to Dentaltown this week! Howard Farran, also known as The Mayor of Dentaltown, finally had the chance to appear on our podcast. Since we've literally been bugging him to be on the show since our launch back in February... we just had to make this a two part...  Read More
Episode 37: Dental Marketing with The Naked Bike Rider
We know you're probably more interested in finding out who "The Naked Bike Rider" is than actual content about marketing for the dentist, but this podcast actually features some very crucial information on marketing for the dentist. Jacob Puhl, Co-Owner & Co-Founder of joins us from Portland,...  Read More
Episode 36: Do-It-Yourself Implants and Photography
Ever heard of a dentist placing his own implant in his own mouth? Well, prepare to have your minds blown— and probably cringe a little. Daniel Hatch, DDS and Jerome Cha, DDS joined us in Podcast Studio 1-A for our latest episode. Both were taking a continued education course from Justin...  Read More

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