Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast (
Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast (
This teaches the best practices for cash flow, recurring revenue, Membership plans, PPO Fee negotiation, insurance best practices, marketing, reducing your dependence on dental insurance and building a fee for service practice.
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47: Part 2 of Reducing Time Spent on Insurance Administration with Melissa Dunham
                                       melissa 2                            Melissa appeared on episode 44 and since then, we’ve been flooded with emails to have her come back on and answer a ton of questions. During this episode, Melissa covers 3 main areas: 1. Adequate dental insurance...  Read More
46: Ben and Jordon discuss the Power of UCR and Fake Regulations
                                       ben jordon                            During this episode Jordan and Ben answer listener questions regarding UCR, discounts, and fake regulations circulating the industry. Ben believes that  is the best place to obtain the appropriate UCR standards for...  Read More
45: An Amazing Journey from PPO to Fee For Service by Dr. David Eshom
                                       david eshom                            Dr. David Eshom is a general dentist with twenty years of experience in the art and science of cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Eshom has his undergraduate degree in business and his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the...  Read More
Episode 44: A Proven System to Reduce Time Spent on Insurance Administration with Melissa Dunham
                                       Mellisa d.                            Melissa has spent the last 30 years working and perfecting a system to manage dental insurance within a dental office. She is the boss at her husbands dental practice in Virginia Beach running a 2.8 million dollar...  Read More
Episode 43: The Dental CE Network – Where Travelers can find CE
                                       Craig t smith                            Dr Craig Smith is a practicing general dentist in Highland Utah. He started an organization called  in an effort to promote and publish continuing education courses all across the country. The intent is to...  Read More
Episode 42: Creating a Schedule with insurance fees in mind with Amy Deschamps
                                       Amy d.                            Amy Deschamps has over 25 years in dentistry working in every aspect except as a doctor or hygienist. She was one of the top consultants at Mercer for a number of years. She’s recently built a practice management...  Read More
Episode 41: Eliminate PPO Fee Schedules and Replace them with your UCR/Standard Fees/FFS
                                       41                            Mr. Ben Tuinei takes questions from guests regarding the following issues: 1. Incorrectly billing D2751 instead of D2740 for EMAX or Zirconia Crowns 2. Delta Dental trends nationwide – the elimination of the Premier...  Read More
Episode 40: The Power of Humor with Dr. Howard Farran
                                       Howard                            While this is not an insurance related topic we felt that it was important for us to invite a friend and mentor, Dr Howard Farran to our show. During this episode Dr Farran talks about the power of using humor in your...  Read More
Episode 39: PPO or FFS, Taking Patients From Want to Need by Dr. Chris Salierno
                                       Chris Salierno                            Dr. SaSalierno received his B.S. from Muhlenberg College and his D.D.S. from SUNY Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine. He completed his formal training at Stony Brook Hospital’s General Practice Residency...  Read More
Episode 38: The Wold of Insurance According our Mentor, Dr. Mark Costes
                                       Mark Costes                            Dr. Mark Costes is far from a typical dentist and dental coach. During his career, he has been able to start or acquire over a dozen successful dental practices during some of the profession’s most challenging...  Read More
Episode 37: Medical Billing in Practice by Dr. Marty Lipsey
                                       Lipsey                            Dr. Lipsey’s passion for dental sleep medicine is what led him to notice the need for quality medical dental billing resources. As the founder and president of Dental Sleep Med Systems, Inc. since 2008, he has served...  Read More
Episode 36: The Elevated Patient Experience with Chris Brown, MBA, PhD
                                       chris brown                            Chris has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Utah Valley University, an MBA from Thunderbird University, a Master’s in Research Methods from Cranfield University (England), and a PhD from the...  Read More

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