AcciDental Geniuses Podcast with Mike DiTolla and Joshua Austin
AcciDental Geniuses Podcast with Mike DiTolla and Joshua Austin
Dr. Mike DiTolla and Dr. Joshua Austin, often called the Darryl Hall and John Oates of dentistry, discuss what they love and hate in dentistry, sports, relationships and life in general. Any genius advice they dispense is purely accidental!
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Episode 39- Hold Me Closer, Tiny Impression Guy
Mike is in San Antonio for this episode again, this time after a lecture to Josh’s study club. The guys talk about the program and its interesting location. Mike tells the story of Josh’s friend Willie and his conversion to Judaism as an adult Mike grills Josh about his misadventures...  Read More
Episode 38: Hopefully There is a Brothel Next Door
The guys kick off the episode talking about the musical accompaniment from last weeks show, Wheeler Walker, Jr. Mike asks Josh about his experience at the Sirona party at Chicago Mid Winter in February and they talk about the entertainment lineup for Siroworld 2016 in Orlando this summer. Mike...  Read More
Episode 37: Aaaaaaand We’re Back!
The boys are back after a few week hiatus! Mike and Josh catch up on where they have been over the past few weeks. Josh asks Mike about CEREC Zirconia and Mike tells us all about the newest innovation in chairside technology. Mike talks about Sirona’s footprint outside the USA and their...  Read More
Episode 35: Butt Chugging Nitrous
The boys are back and open the show by discussing various musical talents. Josh accuses one of his friends of being gay for being really into Adele while Mike tries to justify it. Mike admits that Justin Bieber is a talented young man and Josh questions his taste in music. In an effort to cover up...  Read More
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Episode 34: Dramatically, Josh Gets Some Really Bad News
Mike and Josh come to you from Wyoming this week and open with some super sexy pimple popping talk. Mike goes into a breakdown of another malpractice case, this time third molar extractions. Josh reviews his philosophies regarding third molar cases. Mike tells tale of a local oral surgeon who...  Read More
Episode 32: Bad News for Lady Listeners
The Geniuses are back for 2016, starting with some super downer discussion of why they hate New Years. Mike and Josh recount their Christmases this year. Josh reveals some big news that happened during the holidays….and it’s bad news for our lady listeners. Josh is now officially off...  Read More
Episode 31- A Very AcciDental Christmas
On this Christmas Eve Eve, the Boys venture out to Fashion Island Mall in Newport Beach for a little last minute shopping. The boys talk about gift ideas for their significant others and Josh gives Mike the gift of sexiness…Vineyard Vines and Spice Bomb. Dental office Christmas parties are...  Read More
Episode 30:  The Stress of the Mechanical Bull
Mike, still doing his best Tom Leykis impersonation, reads a letter from a listener about making dentistry more efficient and predictable. A discussion about how a lab tech can help in that regard ensues. Josh reveals all the places that he has guns hidden and talks about getting his concealed hand...  Read More
Episode 29: Mike DiTolla Sounds Like Lou Reed
That gravely voice you hear today is that of our beloved Mike DiTolla as he battles, what sounds like the worst cold of all time. Josh gives Mike some southern home remedy suggestions that involve alcohol. Mike opens up a Christmas gift from Care Credit and confesses to re-gifting in days of...  Read More
Episode 28: A Very Touching Tribute to Luke
It’s been a tough week for Josh as he tells Mike about the recent loss of his Great Dane, Luke. It was a sad day for Josh and Andrea, but sweet Luke will always be remembered and his memory cherished. On to happier subjects…the boys discuss their love for the Thanksgiving holiday. Mike...  Read More
Episode 27: A Review of Novel Rubber Dam Usage in Porn: A Case Report
The guys gather in Washington DC again to talk more about Josh's cologne. Mike reads a review of Spice Bomb that sounds like a Wine Connoisseur review and Josh can barely contain his laughter at the blow-hardiness. Josh reviews Dental Product Report's Top 25 Women in Dentistry and reveals that he's...  Read More
Episode 26- Josh Drops a Spicebomb
Mike and Josh get together in Washington DC at the ADA Meeting to discuss the capitol city and it"s mysterious crosswalks and urinals. The guys share some foodie breakfast treats from Momofuku Milk Bar and discuss africanized honeybees, the meaning of heavy hors d'oeuvres, and whether or not Spice...  Read More
Episode 25: Mike Enjoys a Bidet
Mike and Josh discuss Clinician's Report and its latest issue along with the wild range in prices for intraoral cameras. Mike suggests that Ultradent might be hiring actual professional models for their marketing...GASP!!! The guys then talk about dental photography and Josh talks about his staff...  Read More

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