Clinical Mastery Series - Online
Clinical Mastery Series - Online
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Occlusion or Delusion: Use Caution With Symptomatic Pain
By Dr. Lee Ann Brady In the detective process of determining the best treatment for a patient who has or is currently experiencing pain, it's best to eliminate impossibilities from the investigation. Are the Patient’s Joints Healthy or Breaking Down? You've sat down with your patient...  Read More
Questions to Ask When Ceramic De-bonds
By Dr. Lee Ann Brady In dental practice there are situations that we find so disconcerting that it becomes difficult to approach them rationally and scientifically to find a resolution. One of these is when a ceramic restoration de-bonds. Usually when this happens I become frustrated and...  Read More
The Value of Probiotics: What’s Really Happening in the Mouth
By Dr. Lee Ann Brady Are you running out of answers for a patients oral health problems? Probiotics might be the solution for you! If you have patient who is a model of perfect dental hygiene and also wholly compliant with your health recommendations, but is still suffering from poor oral...  Read More
Screw Access Holes and Plumbers Tape
By Dr. Lee Ann Brady Managing the screw access holes is one of the challenges I run into with implant dentistry. We all hope to fill them once and then never have to get to the head of the screw again, but this is dentistry after all and that would be unrealistic. In the last 6 months I...  Read More
Why You Should be Working with Patients on Appliance Therapy: Part One
by Dr. Lee Ann Brady Appliance therapy is the ultimate case acceptance tool you should be utilizing in your office. The benefits of this approach can be seen in many different patients, from TMD and restorative to orthodontic patients with muscle-based orjoint-based pain. Increasing patient...  Read More
QuickSplint Fabrication Technique
By Dr. Lee Ann BradyIn this short video Dr. Brady teaches you how to expediently fabricate a QuickSplint appliance for a patient.  Read More
Screw Vs. Cement Retained Implant Restorations
By Dr. Lee Ann BradyThe decision of how to retain an implant restoration used to be an easy one. In the earlier years of dental, screw retained implants were the default approach. However, with further practice it suddenly became that people were almost exclusively using cement retained implants....  Read More
How to Take a Silicone Centric Relation Record
By Dr. Lee Ann BradyLearn how Dr. Brady takes a silicone centric relation record in this short see more great videos on the Clinical Mastery Youtube channel!  Read More
Peri-Implant Esthetics Treatment Planning
By Dr. Lee Ann BradyAs I complete the series on soft tissue esthetics around anterior implants we have worked our way back to assessing the existing architecture and planning for success. John Kois has simplified the risk assessment process when a natural tooth will be extracted prior to implant...  Read More
Anterior Veneer Prep for Closing Black Triangles
By Dr. Lee Ann BradyOne of the more challenging aesthetic procedures, is eliminating black triangles. When a patient comes requesting this change, careful treatment planning is necessary.Treatment Planning ConsiderationsOne of the first things to assess is the height of the papilla and how is...  Read More
The Matrix you get at the Hardware Store: Plumbers Tape
By Dr. Lee Ann BradyThere are a variety of techniques for seating veneers. Some people like to do 6-10 all at once, while others seat them two at a time. I am in the group that likes to seatrestorations a small number at a time. One of the challenges when doing this is to not get resin cement on...  Read More
Posterior Composite: Post Op Sensitivity
By Dr. Lee Ann BradyPost Operative sensitivity can be both a normal and abnormal sequela of placing a posterior composite. I make sure my patients are expecting some temperature sensitivity, and even tell them to be cautious the first time the have a cold drink after the anesthetic wears off....  Read More

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