Clinical Mastery Series - Online
Clinical Mastery Series - Online
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By: Dr. Jason Olitsky Case Study: "The most critical factor is treatment planning or starting a case with the end" There are many factors that contribute to aesthetic success or failure. It’s not uncommon for many of my patients to enter treatment while experiencing some form of...  Read More
Gum Symmetry: The Seventh Violation of Smile Design
by Dr. Jason Olitsky For the final installment of my 7 Violations of Smile Design series, I’ll explore how instituting a knowledge of gum symmetry, papilla heights, and smile lines can maximize positive outcomes in your esthetic cases. When evaluating the esthetic principles inherent...  Read More
First Steps: Ceramic Porcelain Fracture Guidelines
by Dr. John NostiA frustrating phenomenon in the dentistry world is whena patient presents with fracture to a ceramic restoration.Thisis one of the most dishearteningscenarios that can happen in a dental office and because of this, manydoctors may become so fearful of the fracture that they will...  Read More
Tips for Exquisite Intra-Oral Photography
By Dr. Jason OlitskyOne of the most difficult shots to get in the intra-oral series is the retracted occlusal shots using mirrors. These images are critical in restorative treatment planning, evaluating arch form, and seeing the occlusal surfaces of teeth. Both images are really a “must...  Read More
Mastering Dental Implant Restorations and Aesthetics - #smilestories
By Dr. Jason OlitskyPre-operatively this patient presented with a missing central and existing implant fixture. I chose Empress ceramics with an e.Max abutment. The custom e.Max abutment was stained to match the adjacent prep shade. When working on a dental implant case, involving the centrals, it...  Read More
From Drab to Fab Dr. John Nosti Tackles Full Mouth Rehabs
By Dr John NostiA 50 year old patient called my office on a Thursday at 4:30pm (I close at 5pm) stating hehad a front veneer come off and he would like to see me right away to fix it, he is currently 30 minutes from my practice and lives 2 hours from me (he was visiting the Jersey Shore for the...  Read More
Using Minimal Prep Veneers for Diastema Closure
by Dr. Mike SmithWhen working with any anterior case it’s important to master the esthetics in the treatment planning phase in order to provide the patient with their desired cosmetic results. This particular patient presented with a diastema, and case goals were to deprogram and regain...  Read More
The Social Six: Third Violation of Smile Design
by Dr. Jason OlitskyWhen you are evaluating the esthetic principles inherent to successful smile design, there are 7 violations that commonly undermine the end result of the finished cosmetic case. Here is one of my top clinical tips for maximizing the outcome of your esthetic cases by using a...  Read More
Dr. Jason Olitsky Offers Tips and Tricks to Intra-Oral Dental Photography
By Dr. Jason OlitskyExcellent intra-oral photography is a skill. It takes practice and training, however there is a key to ensuring “getting the shot.” Stabilization of the camera and appropriate angle of the shot are two essentials for clear, properly framed shots. By tucking your...  Read More
By Dr. Jason Olitsky If it's crooked... they will notice. Every time. When evaluating the aesthetic principles inherent to successful smiledesign, there are 7 violations that are common and undermine the successof the finished cosmetic case. Here’s one of my top clinical tips formaximizing...  Read More

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