Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
How to perform dentistry faster, easier, higher in quality and lower in cost.
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Up Your Leadership, Up Your Productivity with Dr. Tuan Pham : Howard Speaks Podcast 044
Dr. Tuan Pham (aka fliegenfischen), founder of, teaches skills that give you control to create your personal definition of success. Dr. Pham talks about dealing with confrontation, intraoral cameras, demographics and more.Stream Audio Here: HSP...  Read More
"Can Money Buy Happiness?" with Dr. Doug Carlsen : Howard Speaks Podcast #43
How much do I need to retire? Should I buy more stuff or travel? What should I invest in? Who can I trust to manage my money? How much is too much home? Dr. Doug Carlsen answers these questions and more in this jam-packed hour of content.Stream Audio Here: HSP...  Read More
"It All Starts with Marketing" with Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca : Howard Speaks Podcast #42
Listen as Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca shares lessons in marketing, practice management and human resourcesStream Audio Here: HSP #42 with Ann Marie Gorczyca Audio Watch Video Here: HSP #42 with Ann Marie...  Read More
"You Should Test That" with Dr. David Wank : Howard Speaks Podcast #41
Dr. David Wank Shares advice on websites, SEO, marketing and split-testing everything.Stream Audio Here: HSP #41 with David Wank Audio Watch Video Here: HSP #41 with David Wank Video ...  Read More
Painless Medical Billing with Rose Nierman : Howard Speaks Podcast #40
A surprising number of dental procedures can be billed to medical insurance. Listen as Rose Nierman talks about what can be billed and how to create claims that insurance companies will accept.Stream Audio Here: HSP 040 Rose Nierman Audio ...  Read More
Give Your Practice a Facelift: LANAP, Botox and Dermal Fillers with Dr. David Kimmel : Howard Speaks Podcast #39
Dr. David Kimmel shares his knowledge of lasers, botox and dermal fillersStream Audio Here: HSP #39 with David Kimmel Audio Watch Video Here: HSP #39 with David Kimmel Video Dr. David...  Read More
Boost Practice Profits with Empowered Hygiene with Dr. Karoline Biami : Howard Speaks Podcast #38
Stream Audio Here:                                                                                                Audio HSP #38 with Karol Biami                                    Watch Video Here:                                                                                                Video...  Read More
"Dogs Bark at Things They Don't Understand" with Dr. Rick Workman : Howard Speaks Podcast #37
Dr. Rick Workman and Dr. Howard Farran discuss the misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding DSOs. Dr. Workman shares metrics Heartland Dental providesto supported dentists to help them succeed. Dr. Workman also explainsa simple exercise you can do with team members to improve their...  Read More
Deciphering Orofacial Pain with Dr. Steven Bender : HSP #36
Dr. Steven Bender shares simple systems for managing TMD and orofacial pain. Asone of the few dentists who has specialized in orofacial pain, Dr. Bender recommends which splints, deprogrammers and steps he would use in a GP setting.Stream the Audio Here: Audio HSP...  Read More

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