Delivering WOW...Dentistry's #1 Podcast For Growing Your Practice Faster!
Delivering WOW...Dentistry's #1 Podcast For Growing Your Practice Faster!
Get ready to stand out from the competition to get noticed and earn more. If you're tired of having to choose between family and financial stability, and you're just plain tired of trying to figure this out all on your own, this podcast is for you.
Dr Anissa Holmes

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 5 Top Reasons All Dentists Should take Facebook Seriously
I hear dentists ask all the time, "Should I use Facebook?" or "What's the benefits?" Well I can say that Facebook has revolutionized my practice. We reached 40,000 fans today, so I though that I would reflect on what has been special for us. Facebook sends "A" Patients. These are the...  Read More
 What is Your Company's Culture?
As you create your Vision for your Company, it is very Important to create the Core Values from which you will develop your culture, your brand, and your business strategies. Why have Core Values? Every practice has an office culture, whether you have designed it, or it has evolved. Do you focus...  Read More
 It All Starts with a Vision
The best way for you to actually achieve your goals is to first create a vision of where you want to be in the future. What are you working for? It is important for you to know that going to work and serving your customers is what is allowing you to be able to achieve your personal dreams. Not...  Read More

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