Delivering WOW...Creating Massive Results for Dentists
Delivering WOW...Creating Massive Results for Dentists
This Blog helps dentists to get MASSIVE results through developing a unique culture and detailed systems. You will learn to create a profitable, fun practice, where the dentist inspires the team to WOW the patients to create "Raving Fans".
Dr Anissa Holmes

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A Low-Tech System for Increasing Dental Practice Profits
           It’s not unusual for me to get  in place.For example, one morning I jumped in my free  and recorded a live video. It was right before lunchtime. I had just completed my fifth crown, had a patient getting a prescan for two crowns, and had a few more to perform that afternoon.Many dentists...  Read More
How to use Facebook The Right Way to Grow Your Practice
How to use Facebook The Right Way to Grow Your PracticeFacebook marketing is the BEST way to grow your practice, but many dentists fail to target the right users with their marketing strategy. If you’re investing a lot of time and money into Facebook marketing and not getting the engagement you...  Read More
Two Ways to Improve Your Practice Using Dental Software
The thought of using dental practice management software can seem intimidating to dentists. After all, we’re trained to use technology to provide dental care. We’re not trained in dental office software.But what if you found dental software programs that were actually easy to install and use? What...  Read More
How To Increase Patient Satisfaction With Drew Sparks
How To Increase Patient Satisfaction With Drew SparksI’m thrilled to introduce Drew Sparks to this week’s podcast to discuss whether or not your patients are truly happy and how you can increase patient satisfaction.Drew Sparks is the co-founder and CEO of , an innovative company that specializes...  Read More
The Power of Accountability: 3 Steps to Achieving Your Practice Goals
No matter what your goals are, the only way to achieve them is to take action. You can set KPIs and put systems and processes in place, but they’ll only work if you and your team work. That’s why one of the first things I ask new clients and Inner Circle members to do is set up an accountability...  Read More
The Power of Storytelling in Case Acceptance
109 - The Power of Storytelling in Case AcceptanceThis week on the Delivering WOW podcast, I explore the power of storytelling in case acceptance. Many dentists and team members struggle to get a patient to accept a treatment plan. The main reason for this is because dentists tend to get super...  Read More
Three Ways to Compete Against Big Corporate Dental Practices
With so many big corporate practices around, are independent practices in danger? How can you compete against $39 cleanings and free TV giveaways?    Independent practice owners worry about these questions a lot. They’re stressed enough as it is. Having to worry about a big corporation putting them...  Read More
How to Get the Support You Need from Your Team
The only way to grow and scale a practice that can run without you is to build a hardworking team to support you. That’s why we make getting your team on board to grow your practice one of the first trainings in our .I recently had a conversation with a doctor who was so stressed by her practice,...  Read More
2 Questions that Will Make Your Team More Productive
Building a strong team can make or break your practice. That's why building and supporting your team is one of the core principles of Delivering WOW.We establish a vision and core values for our practice and build a team around us that shares our vision and values. We create systems and KPIs to...  Read More
How To Integrate Online Scheduling With LocalMed
How To Integrate Online Scheduling With LocalMedThis week on the podcast I interviewed Tom Brown from LocalMed and we talked about how online scheduling can be used to grow your practice.Tom works in the Sales and Marketing department for LocalMed in Chicago. Growing up with nine siblings has...  Read More
The Truth About Case Acceptance
I recently received an email from one of the top learning institutions in the United States asking my opinion for an upcoming article.The article was about what dentists should look for in patient-education resources, such as brochures, in order to improve patient understanding. The assumption is...  Read More
How to 10X Overdue Recall Conversions with Cory Pinegar
How to 10X Overdue Recall Conversions with Cory Pinegar In this week’s podcast episode, I interview Cory Pinegar about how to 10X your overdue recall conversions.Cory is the CEO of , a dental solutions company dedicated to helping dentists across the country succeed in their practices by helping...  Read More
How to Improve Success Rates for Inbound New Patient Calls
As a dentist, you spend a lot of time and money building your brand, , and designing a WOW experience for patients. With so much focus on marketing and patient experience, it’s easy to lose focus on optimizing inbound appointment calls, an important step to filling your schedule.How you and your...  Read More
How To Build A Website That Tells Your Story With Joshua Scott
How To Build A Website That Tells Your Story With Joshua ScottI’m thrilled to welcome Joshua Scott, a marketing genius and good friend of mine, to this week’s podcast episode. Josh is not only a marketing consultant in the dental industry, but he has also been speaking to audiences for over 20...  Read More
How to Double (or even Triple) Dental Office Revenue This Year
How amazing would it be if you had simple steps to doubling or even tripling your practice revenue this year? What would that do for your business, team members, and family?As impactful as  can be to attract new patients or build your dental practice, one of my favorite ways to help dentists is by...  Read More
Getting Your Patients to Optimal Health With Dan O'Rourke
Getting Your Patients to Optimal Health With Dan O'Rourke This week on the podcast I had the pleasure of talking to Dan O’Rourke all about getting your patients to optimal health.Dan is extremely passionate about dentistry and the importance of balancing your professional and personal life. He has...  Read More
How to Increase Profits by Improving How You Process and Manage Dental Claims
Dentists justifiably put a lot of focus on brand development and marketing strategies. After all, it’s important to build a powerful brand and regularly attract new patients to your practice.Increasing profits isn’t just about branding and marketing, however. In fact, there are many ways you can...  Read More
How To Find Practice Growth Opportunities with Weston Lunsford
How To Find Practice Growth Opportunities with Weston Lunsford I am excited and honored to introduce you to my guest for this podcast, Weston Lunsford. Educated at Utah Valley University, Weston studied business and accounting and has over twenty years of industry experience.Weston is the CEO of...  Read More
3 Types of Strategies Every Dental Practice Needs to Grow
Imagine building a dental practice in such a way that you get more accomplished in a matter of months than most dentists achieve in years. What would it do for your practice if you could consistently increase revenues from existing patients, decrease operating costs, and build and market your brand...  Read More
How to Integrate Sleep Apnea Treatment Into Your Practice With Dr. Meghna Dassani
How to Integrate Sleep Apnea Treatment Into Your Practice with Dr. Meghna DassaniI’m excited to welcome Dr. Meghna Dassani to this week’s podcast. Dr. Meghna Dassani is an internationally educated dentist located in Houston, TX. She received her dental training from the University of Mumbai in...  Read More
How to Use Google Drive to Get Better Results in Your Dental Practice
           One of the biggest struggles in managing a practice with team members is making sure everyone in the office is on the same page. With all the practice operations, marketing, and patient care tasks that need to be done to keep your practice running smoothly and growing, it’s critical that...  Read More
How To Grow and Scale Your Practice With Dr. Jesse Green
How To Grow and Scale Your Practice With Dr. Jesse GreenI’m delighted to introduce the amazing Dr. Jesse Green to this week’s podcast episode to discuss many innovative ways to grow and scale your practice.Dr Jesse Green is a dentist, entrepreneur, coach and thought leader who specializes in...  Read More
Demystifying Dental Marketing: An Introduction to SEO for Dentists
        SEO is one of the most powerful and confusing dental marketing techniques. Many patients use Google and other search engines to search for dentists. Thus, getting your practice on the first page of search results can help you earn dozens of new patients every month.At the same time, search...  Read More
How to Build a a Solid Online Reputation with Dr. Leonard Tau
          How to Build a a Solid Online Reputation with Dr. Leonard TauI’m delighted to welcome Dr. Leonard Tau to this week’s podcast episode to discuss the importance of a solid reputation to increase patient numbers.Dr. Leonard Tau is passionate about internet marketing, social media, reputation...  Read More
A Simple, Two-Part Dental Marketing Strategy to Successfully Launch a New Dental Practice
New dental practices face unique marketing challenges.Financially, due to construction costs, buying equipment and supplies, covering operating expenses, and making payments on their student loans, dentists opening new practices can’t afford to wait very long for patients to come in the door.On top...  Read More
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