Delivering WOW...Creating Massive Results for Dentists
Delivering WOW...Creating Massive Results for Dentists
This Blog helps dentists to get MASSIVE results through developing a unique culture and detailed systems. You will learn to create a profitable, fun practice, where the dentist inspires the team to WOW the patients to create "Raving Fans".
Dr Anissa Holmes

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My Latest Facebook Campaign that Generated Over 27 Appointment Requests in Under a Day
My Latest Facebook Campaign that Generated Over 27 Appointment Requests in Under a DayI am super excited to share this podcast episode with you! It’s a little different this week as I am introducing the recording of one of my recent Facebook Live videos, because I really wanted to let you guys know...  Read More
Are You Focused on Branding or Conversion with Your Dental Marketing?
           I talk with a lot of dentists about growing practices using social media and their websites. While many dentists are recognizing the power of social media and their websites, I’m often surprised by how many don’t think they work. Almost without fail, those dentists have been burned...  Read More
Two Ways to Use Your Dental Technology to Market Your Practice
                                     When many people think of dental marketing, they think of two things.First, they think of where they will advertise their practice. Traditionally, this includes things such as direct mail, television ads, and phone-book advertising. Now, many dentists also think...  Read More
How to use Facebook The Right Way to Grow Your Practice
How to use Facebook The Right Way to Grow Your PracticeFacebook marketing is the BEST way to grow your practice, but many dentists fail to target the right users with their marketing strategy. If you’re investing a lot of time and money into Facebook marketing and not getting the engagement you...  Read More
Three Ways to Compete Against Big Corporate Dental Practices
With so many big corporate practices around, are independent practices in danger? How can you compete against $39 cleanings and free TV giveaways?    Independent practice owners worry about these questions a lot. They’re stressed enough as it is. Having to worry about a big corporation putting them...  Read More
The Truth About Case Acceptance
I recently received an email from one of the top learning institutions in the United States asking my opinion for an upcoming article.The article was about what dentists should look for in patient-education resources, such as brochures, in order to improve patient understanding. The assumption is...  Read More
3 Types of Strategies Every Dental Practice Needs to Grow
Imagine building a dental practice in such a way that you get more accomplished in a matter of months than most dentists achieve in years. What would it do for your practice if you could consistently increase revenues from existing patients, decrease operating costs, and build and market your brand...  Read More
How to Use Google Drive to Get Better Results in Your Dental Practice
           One of the biggest struggles in managing a practice with team members is making sure everyone in the office is on the same page. With all the practice operations, marketing, and patient care tasks that need to be done to keep your practice running smoothly and growing, it’s critical that...  Read More
Demystifying Dental Marketing: An Introduction to SEO for Dentists
        SEO is one of the most powerful and confusing dental marketing techniques. Many patients use Google and other search engines to search for dentists. Thus, getting your practice on the first page of search results can help you earn dozens of new patients every month.At the same time, search...  Read More
How to Build a a Solid Online Reputation with Dr. Leonard Tau
          How to Build a a Solid Online Reputation with Dr. Leonard TauI’m delighted to welcome Dr. Leonard Tau to this week’s podcast episode to discuss the importance of a solid reputation to increase patient numbers.Dr. Leonard Tau is passionate about internet marketing, social media, reputation...  Read More
How Dental Women Can Find Their Freedom With Dr. Fern White
How Dental Women Can Find Their Freedom With Dr. Fern WhiteI’m delighted to welcome Dr. Fern White onto this week’s podcast to talk about how Dental Women can find their freedom by breaking through stress to work less, earn more and take back control of their days and create a life they...  Read More
Dental Advertising: 2 Questions to Ask Yourself to Improve Your Results
With so many things competing for people’s attention today, it’s more important than ever that your dental advertising dollars are invested wisely.For example, if your ads are too complicated, people will move on. Additionally, if your ads don’t make an emotional connection with the right people,...  Read More
How To Fit Dentistry Into Any Patient's Budget With Dr. Bruce Baird
        How To Fit Dentistry Into Any Patient's Budget With Dr Bruce BairdI’m delighted to introduce Dr Bruce Baird to this week’s podcast and talk about how dentists can grow their personal wealth and fit dentistry into any patient’s budget.Bruce B. Baird, DDS, has been named as one of the...  Read More
Growing Your Practice Through In- House Membership Programs with Jordon Comstock
Growing Your Practice Through In-House MembershipIt’s great to introduce Jordon Comstock from BoomCloud on this week’s podcast to talk about how to boost your practice’s revenue through membership programs.Jordon has been in the dental industry for over 10 Years. He started out...  Read More
Dental Marketing Company Secrets: 3 Things the Best Marketing Companies Do to Get Results
With so many pressures facing dentists today, getting the best return for your marketing time and budget can feel overwhelming. Because of that, new and improved ways to market a dental practice don’t just help dentists make more money; they can make their lives better.That’s what happened with me...  Read More
Dental Internet Marketing: 3 Ways to Get Patients Online
Dental marketing has come a long way since the days of phone-book advertising and TV or radio commercials. Traditionally, the only ways to attract patients to a dental practice were slow, expensive, and ineffective. With dental internet marketing, however, marketing your practice has never been...  Read More
The Roadmap to Freedom with Dr. Anissa Holmes
The Roadmap to Freedom with Dr. Anissa HolmesThis podcast episode is a real treat for you. I recently attended thewhere I was presenting on how to grow your practice with Facebook marketing and how it can be achieved without spending lots of money. Whilst at the event I recorded quite a few podcast...  Read More
Dental Marketing Ideas You Can Start Using Today
Not too long ago, dental marketing campaigns took weeks to plan and required investing thousands of dollars before you had a hope of recouping a single dollar. With that level of investment required, it took a lot of new patients to even hope to break even.The thought of achieving returns of  with...  Read More
How to Avoid Distractions to Get Stuff Done
How to Avoid Distractions to Get Stuff DoneThis week's Delivering WOW podcast is a solo episode - I wanted to talk to you about something everyone wants to avoid... distractions.As busy business owners, it's often the case that we become overwhelmed with all that we are responsible for. This...  Read More
Real Marketing That Works with Jerry Jones
Real Marketing That Works with Jerry JonesThis week on thepodcast I interviewed Jerry Jones.Jerryisof the nation’s top expert on professional practice marketing with over 20 years experience, Jerry spends most of his time developing marketing and advertising strategies for his limited number...  Read More
Facebook Ads for Dentists: How to Lower Your Ad Costs While Increasing Conversions
Facebook revolutionized dental marketing by both lowering costs and improving results. The most powerful part of Facebook and Facebook ads for dentists is your ability to direct your ad to the right people and away from the wrong people using audience targeting.Before Facebook came along, dentists...  Read More
How to Set Up a Dental Facebook Page for Your Practice
Facebook advertising for dentists is one of the best ways to grow your practice and get people into your sales funnels. To take advantage of powerful Facebook ads and other features, however, you need to first set up your dental Facebook page.Your dental Facebook page will act as your office’s home...  Read More
Quick HACK! How to Repurpose Facebook Live Videos for YouTube
Many people have asked me "Are you able to download Facebook Live Videos so that you can use them on You Tube or for Patient Newsletters?"....Well, even though there is no "official" download button for Facebook Live Videos, it can so absolutely still be done!Check out this video to see this cool...  Read More
How To Master Dental Marketing With Dr. Anissa Holmes
Woohoo.. We have made it to Episode 30...And this is a GOOD one! How To Master Dental Marketing With Dr. Anissa Holmes In this Episode of the Delivering WOW Dental Podcast, I take time to answer the most commonly asked questions that I get...  Read More
How to Master SEO to Increase New Patients and Maximize Visibility with "Dental Marketing Guy" Justin Morgan
Mastering SEO with Justin Morgan Justin Morgan, aka "the dental marketing guy" is a dental marketing enthusiast, specializing in getting your dental website to rank highly on search engines. Justin is different from many SEO experts because...  Read More
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