Delivering WOW...Creating Massive Results for Dentists
Delivering WOW...Creating Massive Results for Dentists
This Blog helps dentists to get MASSIVE results through developing a unique culture and detailed systems. You will learn to create a profitable, fun practice, where the dentist inspires the team to WOW the patients to create "Raving Fans".
Dr Anissa Holmes

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Do You See Your Patients as Customers?
While doing a podcast interview with Howard earlier this week, he heard me refer to my patients as customers. So...I thought that I would do an article on this topic. In my dental practice, we absolutely see our patients as being both patients and customers. The patient aspect is in delivering...  Read More
Experiencing Burnout?  It's Time to Explore your "WHY"
A business owner recently shared with me her experience of burnout. She is not married, has no children, and is completely overwhelmed. Shee works long days and then goes home to do more work. She "wolfs" down dinner and is exhausted. If this sounds like you, it's time to evaluate your "Why". ...  Read More
Be the Leader who Inspires others to Lead
Many business owners often ask me "What does it take to create an amazing business full of raving fas?". The answer is simple, Leadership. Businesses that thrive all have great leaders at the top of their companies. These leaders have others following them because of 3 things- the vision that...  Read More
Mastering the Art of Delegation and Focusing on What Matters Most
Many business owners think that they must do everything themselves, or that no one can do the job as well as they can. As a result of this narrow thinking, these business owners are very limited in the amount of success that they can untimately achieve. In fact, the only tasks that you should...  Read More
Don't Focus on the Competition, Focus on What Makes you Unique
While trying to grow a successful company, there are many things that you can focus on. However, to get the greatest amount of success, you should focus on what matters most. It doesn't matter if you own a restaurant, or are providing a service, like a dentist or accountant, you must focus on...  Read More
5 Ways to Get Your TEAM to Perform Without You!
I have heard so many business owners say that their team doesn't perform or are that they are lazy. Others say that there are no good employees. However, what business owners must realize, is that in order for their team to be most efficient and effective, they must be properly trained. Employees...  Read More
3 Top Ways to Get Massive Results
Many people say that they want to grow their business. They say that they want more profits. They say that they want more time off. The problem is that many business owners say these things without knowing how or without implementing the necessary action steps to get there. The key to massive...  Read More

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