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Gold Crowns Vs. All Ceramic Crowns
Learn More:Gold Crowns Vs. is one of the most searched clinical topics on the web. Dr. David Hornbrook takes you through material options, technical aspects and best decisions on when and why to use each.  Read More
Esthetic Anterior Zirconia Crown Technical Overview
Dr. David Hornbrook takes you through the technical aspects of the esthetic zirconia crowns and bridges in this clinical video tutorial. Flexural strength, ceramic materials, material dynamics and occlusal clearance are some of the topics overviewed in this video on zirconia anterior crowns and...  Read More
All Ceramic Crown Cementation Options
Dr. Hornbrook continues his web series on with this cementation and cement material options including bonding, coping and overlaying with powdered liquids. Also included is Ceramic crown adhesion and adhesion cementation that requires dentin bonding agents and true resin cements.Learn More and...  Read More
Advantages to using Zirconia & Ceramic Dental Implant Crowns
The KDZ Ultra is a very popular restoration here at Keating Dental Arts. What are the advantages of the Ultra. We really have the best of both worlds. We have the strength of zirconia and then we the ability to overlay with beautiful powder liquid ceramic so we get the depth that we frequently saw...  Read More
Zirconia Crowns Layered with Noritake Ceramics
Dr. Hornbrook goes over layering zirconia with ceramic powdered liquid in this clinical video tutorial on the KDZ Ultra and aesthetic value of ceramic overlays.Learn More and Download Dr. Hornbrook’s Cementation Guides:  Read More
All Ceramic Layered Crown and Bridge Clinical Breakdown
When I think about when I would use a KDZ Ultra and that's a zirconia core or coping overlay with powder liquid ceramic. I think about when I would use those one is anterior bridges that are greater than 3 units. We certainly can't use lithium disilicate or even our . When I do anterior bridges, I...  Read More
Clinical Performance of Esthetic Zirconia Implant Crowns
Dr. Hornbrook reveals situations where esthetic zirconia is a better option then lithium dislicate when needing high esthetic anterior single crowns or dental implant crowns for the anterior in this 4K Ultra Hd Clinical Video tutorial.Learn More Today:  Read More
Preparation Shades for Esthetic Anterior Dental Crowns
Often Times Dr. Hornbrook is Asked why as a clinician you need to take preparations shades when placing anterior crowns? In this video he reveals more about working with amalgam cores, gold cores and dark shades when it comes to preparation and how to work with them.Learn More Today:  Read More
Bruxer® Flexural Strength Test (Hammers)
Dr. Hornbrook grabs a PFM porcelain fused to metal crown and a KDZ Bruxer Zirconia crown from the Dental Lab Floor at Keating Dental Arts to test the durability and flexural strength using a very common older method of testing. "THE HAMMER". Not sure what else you could use, but this test really...  Read More
5 Ways Instagram Ads can Help Your Dental Practice
Is your dental practice on Instagram? It can be a great addition to you marketing strategy to connect with current and potential patients. It draws the generation young enough to enjoy the platform but alsoold enough to be making their own medical decisions,especially as many are moving away from...  Read More
Why Your Patients Aren’t Excited to See You (And What You Can Do About It!)
For more on this Article Visit:Dental Up Media:The dental community is generally an under appreciated one, especially because many patients aren’t excited to see you. Hey, we know dental health is important, but for many they just aren’t thrilled. Whether it’s because you’re...  Read More
Knock Your Teeth Out: A Dentist’s Take On UFC, McGregor & Rousey
For more on this Article Visit:Dental Up Media: Dentalup.xyzIt wasn’t long ago that an athlete like Ronda Rousey and the UFC in general weren’t household names. But with the growth of the sport and her BA attitude, we can’t help but to fangirl a bit. While we may not like people...  Read More
November 16 2015-- As I casually stolled into the KDA lab on Wednesday morning I was formally greated by one of my favorite clinicians, Dr. David Hornbrook. His positive nature mixed with the high energy of the lab floor made for a solid set and stage for the next 4K Ultra HD video in the removable...  Read More
Atlantis Scanner-- Digital Implant Abutment Platforms Interview
November 12 2015-- Dental implant expert "Steve Tapie" from Keating Dental Arts Digital Implant Lab department takes you through working with KDA Laboratory through the manufacturer abutment process with Atlantis by Dentsply. This remarkable Large Dental Lab in Irvine California offers a wide...  Read More
3 Reasons You Should be Cross-Training Your Office Staff
A dental office is nothing without its office staff, especially if they are cross-trained to help each other. These are the employees that arethe first to greet your patientsand thelast to interact with them, so it’s important to have them working together.Why should you be cross-training...  Read More
ADA 2015-2016 Dental Trade Show Short Film |4K UHD|
November 3, 2015-- Take a good look at "the future" with this Innovative "short film" on, created for the GIGANTIC 75 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV's at the American Dental Association Trade Shows in 2015-2016. Innovation, Creation and Education!The Nations Premier Dental Laboratory "brings it" once again...  Read More
Dental Up 2015 Video Montage |4K Ultra HD|
November 4 2015-- We put this amazing montage together for KDA and all the really fun 4K Video, Live interviews, Podcasts and news shows for the second half of 2015. Dr. David Hornbook and various guest in this Video that really portrays what a fun time we have not only delivering the best dental...  Read More
Dental Implant Troubleshooting & Custom Abutment Technology Advancements With Dr. David Hornbook
In this technically savvy interview, Dr. David Hornbook talks Clinical troubleshooting with KDA dental implant expert Steve Tapie. Listen intently as David and Steve go over common problems and solutions with custom abutments, implant orientation issues and common mistakes with bite...  Read More
5 Ways to Minimize A Child’s Dental Anxiety
November 5 2015 -- New experiences for children can be either an exciting or a scary experience, including visiting the dentist. Regular checkups are a part of helping children grow into healthy adults, which means it’s not an appointment to miss. Appointments will go smoothly if children...  Read More
5 Ways to Use Treats in Your Dental Office This Holiday Season (That Don’t Include Eating)
November 5 2014 -- Patients and vendors are a crucial element of your dental practice, and we think they’re great. That being said, their thank you treats can start to weigh down your break room table (and the scale), which means it’s time for some creative intervention. Or, not so much...  Read More
A Friendly Dentist’s Way of Improving Patient Experience
Content Provided by:Visit our MultiMedia Site:Sept 13th 2015Compassion and friendliness are important in the medical community, especially dentistry. There’s a reason going to the dentist is a cultural pain-point and source of comedy. With so many people avoiding a dental appointment because...  Read More
Mac Hacks for Dentists
For More News and Free Business Strategy Visit: Gone are the days when Macs were beloved by only creatives; dental practices are realizing their power, too. This move to the Mac operating system means an OS that’s easy to use and has established cross-platform abilities. So why move from the...  Read More
Take Your Dental Practice "Mobile"!
Everyone's about to have their face buried in the new iPhone - are you missing out on patients because you're not mobile friendly?More News on Enhancing your practice: Wednesday Sept 23 2015: Your dental practice needs to be optimized for mobile. We said it. 2013 saw theof mobile use...  Read More
The Reality of Dental Products Podcast with Dr. Miller
Dr. Hornbrook and Dr. Miller collaborate over the reality of dental products and how they are used. Find out what top dental products are performing great, which ones fail and the top dental products to look for in 2015.Visit Dr. Miller and RealityEstethitcs:"Deciding what products are best for...  Read More
Dental Technology Advancements with (KOL) Ron Kaminer, DDS
Key Opinion Leaders (KOL): Dr. DavidHornbook andengage in this thrillinginterview about Pushing your comfort levels with dental technology & materials. Some of the Topics include CAD/Cam, Caries Detection devices, Spectra andlightwalker."They're doing a lot of cool things out there with...  Read More
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