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Dental Up Podcast
Dental Up is your source for everything dental. Shaun Keating and Clinical Guests talk truth and analytics in a no holds barred approach with topics that include: Industry standards, innovations, education, and technology.
Keating Dental Arts

Protemps-- Temporary Crowns & Bridges Lab 101 Video |4K|
KDA Pro Temp (temporary crown & bridges) are custom made in the Keating Dental Arts Removable Laboratory in Irvine California. Dr. David Hornbook goes over some of the positive aspects when working with the Keating Dental Lab and how the clinicians benefit substantially from our solid...  Read More
KDA Premium Removable & Dental Implant Laboratory 2015 Video |4K|
Dr. Hornbrook—Cosmetic Dentistry Guru Video on KDA Premium Denture Lab & Custom Dental Implant AbutmentsAlso in the mix is a little about the premium dentures and removable dental laboratory on site, the dental implant abutment & Implant Crown facility, and a nice wrap up by dental...  Read More
Aesthetic Anterior Crown Material Solutions (Lecture) |4K Ultra HD|
In the first ever 4K Ultra HD Live Chair side clinical procedure, Dr. Hornbrook takes you through the removal of old opaque Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns from 1958 on Dr. Dale Brandon of Orange County California and replacing the old PFM’s with New anterior esthetic zirconia crows with high...  Read More
How to take a Stump Shade on Anterior Crown Restoration |4K Ultra HD|
In the first ever 4K Ultra HD Live Chair side clinical procedure, Dr. Hornbrook takes you through the removal of old opaque Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns from 1958 on Dr. Dale Brandon of Orange County California and replacing the old PFM’s with New anterior esthetic zirconia crows with high...  Read More
Bioactive Regenerative Restorative Dental Material Options
The hottest buzz word in dentistry right now is #bioactive! Especially when it comes to materials and cements. We are really starting to hear from the Clinicians of the world “is this cement bioactive”? What Bioactive really means is that It is a substance that interacts with living...  Read More
Aesthetic Zirconia Dental Material Considerations
Esthetic Dental Material Considerations when Placing a dental implant is covered in this 4K Ultra Hd Video Tutorial by Dr. David Hornbrook DDS. The primary goal when you are getting ready to place dental implants is to make sure you have ideal functionionality so that the mouth can chew and eat...  Read More
Dental Implant Crown and Bridge Options
What is an implant and what is an implant crown?.Dr. Hornbrook discussed the difference in these two dental implant details and goes over the implant systems and crown and bridge options.If you can Imagine we have two teeth and for some reason we lost this tooth in the middle, whether it be gum...  Read More
Premium Vs. Standard Dentures
Keating Dental Arts, Full service dental lab & Full prosthetics department in Irvine California, takes you through an overview of Premium Versus Standard dentures in this 4K Ultra Hd Clinical Video Tutorial by Dr. David Hornbook.See More...  Read More
High Translucency Zirconia Materials
, or Zirconium oxide crowns and bridges are not only the strongest clinical material option around these days, but with latest breakthroughs in materials, dental labs now offer High Translucency zirconia products for anterior crown and bridge solutions. Dr. David Hornbrook takes you through these...  Read More
Gold Crowns Vs. All Ceramic Crowns
Learn More:Gold Crowns Vs. is one of the most searched clinical topics on the web. Dr. David Hornbrook takes you through material options, technical aspects and best decisions on when and why to use each.  Read More
Esthetic Anterior Zirconia Crown Technical Overview
Dr. David Hornbrook takes you through the technical aspects of the esthetic zirconia crowns and bridges in this clinical video tutorial. Flexural strength, ceramic materials, material dynamics and occlusal clearance are some of the topics overviewed in this video on zirconia anterior crowns and...  Read More
Advantages to using Zirconia & Ceramic Dental Implant Crowns
The KDZ Ultra is a very popular restoration here at Keating Dental Arts. What are the advantages of the Ultra. We really have the best of both worlds. We have the strength of zirconia and then we the ability to overlay with beautiful powder liquid ceramic so we get the depth that we frequently saw...  Read More
Zirconia Crowns Layered with Noritake Ceramics
Dr. Hornbrook goes over layering zirconia with ceramic powdered liquid in this clinical video tutorial on the KDZ Ultra and aesthetic value of ceramic overlays.Learn More and Download Dr. Hornbrook’s Cementation Guides:  Read More
Dental Up 2015 Video Montage |4K Ultra HD|
November 4 2015-- We put this amazing montage together for KDA and all the really fun 4K Video, Live interviews, Podcasts and news shows for the second half of 2015. Dr. David Hornbook and various guest in this Video that really portrays what a fun time we have not only delivering the best dental...  Read More
Dental Implant Troubleshooting & Custom Abutment Technology Advancements With Dr. David Hornbook
In this technically savvy interview, Dr. David Hornbook talks Clinical troubleshooting with KDA dental implant expert Steve Tapie. Listen intently as David and Steve go over common problems and solutions with custom abutments, implant orientation issues and common mistakes with bite...  Read More
Dr. Ron Jackson & Dr. David Hornbrook square off on Dental UP!
Dr. Ron Jackson and Dr. David Hornbrook square off on this weeks episode of DENTAL UP!Discover how they show their passion for patient benefit through long lasting dental materials and ingenuity. Here's a rare chance to hear from David and Ron outside of the lectures.For more on Dr. Ron Jackson...  Read More
|4K ULTRA HD|-- Digital Dental Lab tour with-- |Shaun Keating CDT|
Keating Dental Arts very own "Shaun Keating" takes you through a Digital 4K Ultra HD tour of the high end and cutting edge Dental Lab in Irvine California.Learn More about Keating Dental Arts™ (state of the art dental lab facility) in Irvine California:For More 4K ULTRA HD Video and Digital...  Read More

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