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Do you find that your gums bleed after your brush your teeth? Do they feel tender or look swollen and red? If so you probably have periodontal infection (gum disease) and if it is a recurring problem (chronic gingivitis), then retaining wisdom teeth might make it worse. Studies show that adults who...  Read More
Whether you need a cleaning, a scaling and planing, or, Stetson Hills Dentist is the place to go!But what is scaling and planing?Scaling and planing are an important part of preventing serious gum disease. Gum disease can lead to damage to the tissues and bone that support teeth, and, in a...  Read More
A person would need to have a tooth extracted for many reasons. It could be from a tooth that has become decayed beyond repair or simply from a tooth looks unattractive. Teeth can be extracted to make room for either a dental implant or dental bridge to significantly create a positive difference in...  Read More
You know that sound, and it's as bad as any horror movie sound effect.The sound of the dental drill!If you are afraid of that sound and what it represents, you are not alone. estimates that about 10% of the adult population is so afraid of going to the dentist that they just flat out refuse to do...  Read More
A root canal treatment is often seen as a painful and difficult , but modern technology, advancement in scientific study, and broadening expertise have allowed dental professionals of today to perform the treatment as quickly and painlessly as possible. However, this doesn’t mean that you can...  Read More
Bacteria live on your teeth, and when they feast on the sugars and starches in your mouth they produce dangerous acids that ruin the enamel. At first, the enamel only softens, but eventually, the damage is so extensive a hole develops, called a cavity. (cavities) are a common problem and in the...  Read More
Do you ever find yourself with a headache first thing in the morning even before you've gotten out of bed? Do your jaw muscles often feel tired or sore? Do you often have a pain that feels like an earache? If you answered yes to any (or all) of these questions, you may have bruxism, a condition...  Read More
Oral sedation refers to a that involves the use of oral sedative drugs. Oral sedative drugs are often used during dental surgical procedures to help facilitate the process and reduce the patient’s pain, anxiety and fear over the procedure. The most common method is getting the patient to...  Read More
You've spent a lot of time and money going through dental school, so you may be surprised to find that there are some things you will only learn after some time spent running your own dental practice or after working in a practice for a few years. Read on for some things you didn't learn in dental...  Read More
If you have a , such as an injury to your gums or the loss of a tooth, you cannot ignore it and need to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. This is because if ignored, the problem can turn into a matter of permanent damage very quickly and will need much more attention further down the...  Read More
Are your teeth sensitive? Do you often feel pain and discomfort when eating something hot, cold, sour or sweet? A lot of people suffer from , but only a few take action about it. Let’s enumerate the causes of sensitivity and how you can solve them.1. You brush too often and/or too...  Read More
The last time you looked in the mirror, did you notice that your teeth looked dingy, discolored, or yellow? You know that when your teeth are discolored, your smile just isn't as gorgeous as it could be, and that can have an effect on how confident you are.If you just can't stand those yellow teeth...  Read More
Losing a permanent tooth can be frustrating because once it’s gone there’s no growing it back. Instead, you are left with a void along your gum line and no way to fill the spot. Depending on the location of the tooth, it may even impact your speech. However, even if your speech is not...  Read More
If you’ve been in a situation where you’ve needed a tooth prosthetic (perhaps after a tooth extraction), you’ve probably heard about dental implants. With its unique installation process and often-lauded success rate, dental implants are becoming a favorite among patients and...  Read More
What are the common ? This will highlight a few. Some of them are natural and basic while others can lead to severe oral health issues later in the child’s life if they are not addressed quick enough.As a dentist, it’s extremely important that you know all of the more common pediatric...  Read More
When something happens to your tooth or gums, it isn't just painful. It can be scary, too! Your first thought is probably how you should take care of a sudden problem with your teeth, and your second thought is probably trying to decide if you should go to the emergency room or if it can wait until...  Read More
Top Qualities to Look for in a Dental Assistant
When it comes to getting , there is nothing quite as important as finding staff you can trust. This list is for dental assistants, as they serve a vital function in every modern dental practice. They interact directly with patients, assist with impressions and X-rays, and are on hand for anything...  Read More
Missing teeth can cause many problems. It can make you feel self-conscious about smiling and talking. It can make it hard to eat and to enjoy your favorite foods. And, it can damage your oral health. The teeth that remain in your mouth, over time, begin to shift, which can affect your bite. Your...  Read More
Tonsils? Why do we even have them? Well, turns out these twin round lumps that sit in the back of your throat are part of the lymphatic system which helps prevent infection and stop germs from entering through your nose and mouth. This is why tonsils often get infected, swell up, and become sore, a...  Read More
Why Pinterest Is Popular with Women over Men
As a plethora of online studies show, Pinterest is a social media platform that is extremely appealing to women. Women are more likely to trust the information they find by browsing Pinterest and are more predisposed to use the site as a whole.The unique features provided by Pinterest are the...  Read More
Types of Insurance New Dental Practices Should Accept
When you start your new dental practice, you want to give every potential patient the chance to have great dental care. That's why it's so important to carefully weigh your options when it comes to the forms of payment you will accept.Here is a quick primer about some of the different forms of...  Read More
The Best Teeth Whitening Services
Achieving sparkling pearly white teeth is no longer an unachievable goal with the multiple teeth whitening services available. In as short of time as an hour, an individual can go from having stained and yellowing teeth to having a more attractive smile thanks to the advances in cosmetic dentistry....  Read More
Why Choose Veneers over Whitening?
Having stained teeth can be an unpleasant experience. It makes you feel insecure to smile when your teeth are as yellow as cheese. However, you have plenty of solutions to choose from if you want to .Before we look at treatments available to fix them, we first need to know what are the causes of...  Read More
Treating Patients with Oral Problems due to Chewing Gum
In my practice, many patients have come and gone. I’ve seen so many different kinds of dental and oral problems and I’ve treated most of them. However, one thing I do notice is that some patients have recurring issues even though I’ve done my best to treat them. Upon further...  Read More
Cleft palate is one of the most common birth defects in newborn babies all over the globe, affecting around 1 in 1,000 newborns. This deformity is caused by the poor tissue growth in the oral palate of the child while in utero. The cleft develops early in the pregnancy and can usually be detected...  Read More
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