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General Policy Manual: What To Include
A  – regardless of the size of your office - is vital.The following are some basic guidelines when assembling your manual: 1. Make a distinction in your dental offices manual between policies that apply to everyone in the company (general office hours, payroll, vacation, etc.) and procedures that...  Read More
Staff Training, Checklists and Correction
Training The most effective way to lower your overhead is to provide routine and repetitive internal training to your staff. The whole concept of "apprenticing" an employee has virtually disappeared with most practice owners vastly underestimate what it takes to effectively train staff. It is an...  Read More
Guidelines for Dental Staff
records that all offices have a Code of Conduct guidelines for the staff. The purpose of such guidelines is to improve staff relationships and to enhance production. Guidelines should be enforced in a constructive manner. It is important to clearly define and make these guidelines available in...  Read More
Office Manager Job Description
: “To assist dental staff to become more efficient, productive and competent with the result of a more profitable dental practice that delivers excellent service to its patients.” An OM should maintain a high level of competence and integrity that sets a good example for the rest of the staff. If...  Read More
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