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Past Due Dental Accounts: Letters and Patient Calls
The sequence of steps for past due accounts is as follows: 1. Statement 2. Patient Call 3. 2nd Statement with note or letter 4. Patient Call 5. Past Due Letter 6. Patient Call 7. Last Notice – Demand Payment Letter. If no response after last notice, send memo to the doctor for review. 8....  Read More
Dental Office Financial Policy
Establishing a clear and firm financial policy for your dental office helps to see that your practice is paid without the type of misunderstandings that can cost you new patients and referrals so always give a copy of your financial policy to each new patient at the initial appointment. It is vital...  Read More
Verifying Dental Benefits
A hybrid system works best by utilizing a carrier's web site when possible as many now give real time estimates along with a service such as DentalXChange and utilizing your PMS's capabilities. Last option should be to fax/call. When this occurs make sure to enter downgrades and exceptions into...  Read More
Calculating Dental Insurance Benefits
Almost all dental insurance companies work on a percentage basis (this is why you can only estimate their payments). The percentage paid is based on the insurance plan of a particular group or individual and varies widely. I recommend that all insurance should be verified prior to the patient...  Read More
Code of Conduct
All dental practice staff must, at all times, remain level headed, polite and positive in all patient dealings, whether the patient is right or wrong. If the patient is wrong, you can correct him/her and work it out in a polite, professional way. It is not necessary to be rude, uncaring, angry,...  Read More

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