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Dental Employee Cell Phone Use
Cell phones, Facebook and the like are here to stay. The basic policy you should have in your general policy manual should be that cell phones, checking Facebook, etc. can never be done at the front desk or in front of patients. Staff should use their break time, etc. to do so. Staff should be...  Read More
More on No Shows and Cancels
Any systems comes down more to WHO is doing the job then the “system” itself. Don’t get me wrong - systems are vital - but there are tons of good systems out there. What is more important is how well trained the people are on implementing whatever system you use as an untrained...  Read More
Correcting Dental Employees
The key to compliance is having a Dental Office Manual with all policy put together in a format that requires written attests that each policy has been read and agreed to.  Then when policy is not followed a system to correct people is as follows:   1. When a policy, procedure or system is...  Read More
Confirmation Protocol
Auto-Pilot: Do not put confirmation on auto-pilot. Services such as Lighthouse are useful when used smartly but, when you put confirmation on auto-pilot, front desk can sometimes abandon responsibility for the schedule because, “Lighthouse is handling it”.  Customize: Find out from patients if...  Read More
Protocol for Calling Patients Who Did Not Schedule
1. Review the patient’s chart before calling so you know the last treatment they received or what that they need as well as what family members might have been seen. 2. Use the information in #1 when you call to show them that an effort was made to know about them and their family. Show them...  Read More
Collections - Past Due Dental Accounts
The sequence of steps used to follow up on past due accounts are as follows: 1. Statement 2. Patient Call 3. 2nd Statement with note or letter 4. Patient Call 5. Past Due Letter 6. Patient Call 7. Last Notice – Demand Payment Letter (If no response after last notice, send memo to the doctor for...  Read More

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