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The Dental Insiders Episode 2:  Dr. Lou Shuman (Part 1)
The Dental Insiders Episode 2 The Dental Insiderspresents visionaries in the dental industry to share stories, insights and lessons they’ve learned along the way. Guests include clinicians, Key Opinion Leaders, industry gurus,...  Read More
The Dental Insiders Episode 1:  Meet Your Hosts
The Dental Insiders Episode 1 The Dental Insiderspresents visionaries in the dental industry to share stories, insights and lessons they’ve learned along the way. Guests include clinicians, Key Opinion Leaders, industry gurus,...  Read More
Introducing The Dental Insiders Podcast!
The Dental Insiders podcast is here! Episode 1 introduces you to your hosts, Matthew and Michael. Enjoy!  Read More
I'm Not THAT Michael Dunn...The Importance of Reputation Marketing
In the last article for my website, guest contributor Shane Walsh wrote about theas a tool for modern dental practice marketing. In this article, I'd like to share a few words about the importance of Reputation in the marketing mix. And its importance is likely double for those in dental, medical,...  Read More
Video:  The Mandatory Medium for Modern Dental Marketing
I am pleased to provide an article from a guest contributor. Shane Walsh is a friend and colleague with more than 25 years experience in video production. He is a storyteller at heart, and I'm excited to share with you his insights on video as a tool for modern dental marketing.In any given...  Read More
6 Tips to Get Started with Social Media Marketing
Feel comfortable with traditional offline marketing tactics but a bit daunted by social media and content marketing? Not sure how to start or evenifto start? (And the answer is a resounding "yes" if you're questioning whether or not to get on board the content train.) Sometimes the hardest part of...  Read More
Yes, There is a ToothFairy
There is a ToothFairy, and it needs our help. The, America’sToothFairy, is dedicated to eliminating children’s preventable suffering from dental disease by providing programs and resources to deliver community-based preventive, educational, and treatment services. Since 2006, the NCOHF...  Read More
[DIAGRAM] Core Elements of Effective Communication
Effective communication can sometimes be challenging. As a marketeer, I spend a lot of time and brain energy focused on how best to convey sometimes complex topics or teach intricate concepts. I have found it helpful to think of communication itself as the arrangement of three core elements:...  Read More
What is Digital Dentistry?
The term “digital dentistry” has gained much popularity during the last several years. Its use now is ubiquitous. However, the concept of “digitizing” a dental practice means different things to different people. And there are no "incorrect" ways to convert a dental practice...  Read More
Notable Dental Industry News You May Not Have Noted
It has been a busy summer, both for "the show" and for the dental industry as a whole. On my site, I launched my. And much has been going on in the dental industry. Here are several notable news items which you may have missed during your own hectic summer season. moved into a new facility,...  Read More
5 Questions with igniteDDS
Next up on5 Questions Dr. David Rice, dentist and founder of igniteDDS. IgniteDDS connects today's dental students and young dental professionals with the people they need and want to know.Michael Dunn: Tell us about igniteDDS. What services do you offer?Dr. David Rice: When we first...  Read More
I Know What You Read Last Summer
Summer is winding down and the kids are going back to school. Have you completed your own summer reading list?Even though I took a break from "the show" during the 1st half of 2014, the site still received some regular views and new readers. So, if you've taken a break from "the show" during the...  Read More
2014 Content and Social Marketing Survey
At least one inquiring mind wants to know how you're using content and social media tactics in your marketing efforts. Are you engaging more or less in 2014 than in the past? Will your content marketing and social media initiatives accelerate in the coming years? Do youyour social media marketing?...  Read More
More Social Media Musings
My friendof Innovative Dental Technologies posted a thought-provoking comment to one of my recent articles. And I've finally gotten around to writing some of my thoughts on his questions. In his comment, he wrote:"...I would like to read your opinions on the proper amount of time spent on social...  Read More
5 Questions with Connect the Dents
This inaugural installment of5 Questions With...features Dr. Tony Stefanou, dentist, entrepreneur, and founder of Connect the Dents. Connect the Dents is a consultancy specializing in dental mergers and acquisitions.Michael Dunn: Tell us about Connect the Dents. What service(s) do you offer?Dr....  Read More
Value in Your Network
Note: This article originally appeared on my site on July 19, 2014.We love to see the numbers of our followers, likes, friends, connections, subscribers, etc. rise. We take great pride in the size of our social networks. And we’re often tasked with not only measuring and...  Read More
A (3D) Printer in Every Practice?
Note: This article was originally posted on on September 2, 2013. Some cutting edge dental laboratories have adopted 3D printing technology to improve efficiency and production accuracy. These printers can be used to replace the traditional process for fabricating models out of stone or plaster....  Read More

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