The Overlooked Basics
The Overlooked Basics
A summary of what every dental practice owner should know and implement in the day to day operations of their practice.

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Employee Embezzlement - Reducing the Risk
                        Tips for Reducing the Risk of Embezzlement                                    The practice owner should always:                                    1. Be involved with the front office            2. Never use or have a signature stamp in the office            3. Review lab...  Read More
Employee Embezzlement - Account Auditing
                        Tips for Monitoring Your Bank Account                                    Your Monthly Bank Statement                                    Always have your monthly bank statements mailed to your home address, and check for the following items:                                 ...  Read More
Why Purchase an Existing Dental Practice
                        Purchasing a practice is a life-changing event.  Below is a list of the top 6 reasons to consider purchasing an existing dental practice:                                    1. Experienced Staff – High performance practices generally have hardworking and well-trained staff...  Read More
Creating an Emergency Management Plan
                        Most states dictate what your dental practice should include in their emergency management plan, including CPR certifications and external defibrillators. The first step to managing emergencies and adverse events is creating a written plan, designating staff members...  Read More
Emergency Management - Recognizing Risk
                        Recognize patient risks to prevent unexpected emergencies. Signs of patient risk include:                                                                Patients with complicated medical histories or who are medically compromised should have treatment plans reviewed by...  Read More
Hiring New Employees
                        Before making the decision to hire a candidate for employment, always:                Have the candidate sign an authorization form for obtaining a background check, including:                Criminal History Reports        Credit Reports            Speak with the potential...  Read More
Office Policy Manuals
                        Your Office Policy Manual should include sections on:                                                                How to track work hours - no employee should be permitted to clock in or out for another employee                After-hours and overtime policy             ...  Read More
OSHA Investigations - Know the Process
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) dedicates itself to enforcing safety and health regulations in places of employment throughout the United States. OSHA typically conducts workplace investigations without notifying employers, and an unexpected knock on the door can leave...  Read More
Intellectual Property - Protecting Your Assets
Intellectual Property - Protecting Your Assets  Read More
Tips to Reduce Worker's Compensation Expenses
• Maintain a written safety policy.• Have ongoing safety and health training specific to each job, including whenever new substances, processes, procedures, or equipment are introduced to the workplace.• Use protective barriers to prevent skin and mucous membrane exposure when any contact with...  Read More
Top 10 Risk Areas Checklist
1. Do you have efficient check-in and check-out procedures, including guarding the patient's protected health information, greeting patients when they arrive, and recognizing them when they leave?2. Do you have comprehensive documentation on each interaction with the patient?3. Do you regularly use...  Read More
Avoiding Malpractice Claims
                        Minimize your risk for dental malpractice claims by following these patient interaction tips:                                                                Be selective when choosing to take on new patients. Exercise caution with potential patients who criticize and...  Read More
Steps to Reduce Data Security Breaches
    Install, maintain, and update security software and hardware.    Encrypt your emails, servers, and all portable devices.    Make sure you have the latest versions of your software programs.    Perform regular backups.    Don't open unsolicited web links.    Use caution when opening...  Read More
Avoiding Malpractice Claims Through Documentation
                                                            Follow these 5 documentation tips to avoid future malpractice allegations:                Always maintain thorough and detailed records of care, patient communication, and communication with additional providers.    Create a standardized...  Read More
Handling Patient Complaints
·        Identify one individual as the primary person to handle complaints.·        Conduct staff training.·        Be sure to convey concern and avoid being judgmental.·        Keep your written responses concise and simple.·        Maintain copies of correspondence and document conversations in...  Read More
Top 10 Mistakes that Dentists Make
Top 10 Mistakes that Dentists MakeIn this podcast, Stuart J. Oberman, Esq. of Oberman Law Firm breaks down the top 10 mistakes that he has seen dentists make over the course of their careers. Avoid these common legal pitfalls in the dental profession, and keep your dental practice running smoothly.  Read More
Employment Practices Liability Protection (EPL) Tips
Minimize your risk for employment practices liability claims by implementing the following policies and procedures in your practice:    Always keep an updated employee handbook, and regularly review the handbook with staff.    Always fairly and consistently enforce policies.    As an employer,...  Read More
2018 Employee Manual Updates
The beginning of a new year marks a new wave of change, so start the new year off fresh by reviewing your employee manual. A lot can change over the course of a year between practice growth, technological innovation, and new labor law regulations. Below is a list of some 2018 updates to consider...  Read More
The Department of Labor Audit Process
A U.S. Department of Labor audit may come as a shock to many employers. Knowing the audit process can better prepare your entity for an auditor's unexpected visit.AUDIT NOTIFICATION:The Office of the Inspector General usually provides a written announcement prior to the audit's scheduled start...  Read More
The Department of Labor Audit Selection
An audit is an in-depth review of an entity's performance to analyze the administration of funds and to examine the status of projects in terms of intent and expectations. The U.S. Department of Labor regularly conducts audits in three specific areas:                       compliance with laws and...  Read More
Employee Embezzlement: It Could Happen to You
Stuart J. Oberman, Esq. of Oberman Law Firm discusses Employee Embezzlement. Learn how to detect the red flags of employee embezzlement and what to do when you suspect an employee of embezzling money from your dental practice. Employee Embezzlement  Read More
Top 5 Mistakes Made by Practice Startups
Excitement surrounds the establishment of a new practice, and unfortunately, many legal aspects involved in starting a new practice become ignored as ideas build. The list below depicts 5 of the most common mistakes that we see entrepreneurs and start-ups make:1. Failure to establish a clear...  Read More
Forensic Hiring
Forensic Hiring with Jan KellerJanice Keller is an experienced dental practice management consultant who is recognized and respected by both peers and clients alike for her practical, down-to-earth, results-oriented consulting programs and services. She has 30-plus years of experience in dentistry,...  Read More
Social Media Policies
Technology's rapid advancement allows people to share, spread, and gather information at faster rates than ever before. Millions of individuals residing around the globe update statuses, tweet, and post to social media profiles every day. The rising influence of social media and the instantaneous...  Read More
Social Media: An Occasional HR Nightmare
Social Media provides practices with a cost-free method of distributing information. Practices use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus to highlight their expertise and to develop clear brand personalities. In recent years, the importance of maintaining a positive online reputation has...  Read More
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