The Overlooked Basics
The Overlooked Basics
A summary of what every dental practice owner should know and implement in the day to day operations of their practice.

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12/9/2019 Oberman Law Firm launches Risk Management Educational Series. Groundbreaking | Informative | Knowledge   Read More
Wage & Hour Division Investigations - Employee Interviews
                          During Employee Interviews, the investigator may:                                                                       demand privacy for hourly employee interviews                 take handwritten notes during interviews                 ask to record employee...  Read More
Wage & Hour Division Audit Checklist: Document Production & On-Site Checklist
                                                                                Document Production Dos:                                                                        Label all documents produced with the words "Confidential and Proprietary" and identify numbers for tracking and...  Read More
Wage & Hour Division Audit - Preliminary Inspection Issues & Opening Conference
                          Protect Employer Interests:                                                                       Notify the team leader, your attorney, and other individuals included in your notification plan                 Clarify the scope of the investigation                 Only...  Read More
Before a Wage & Hour Division Investigation
                          BEFORE A WAGE & HOUR DIVISION INVESTIGATION:                                                      Take preventative measures to minimize exposure:                                                                       Check all current and recent (within the last...  Read More
Department of Labor Audits - Why Am I Being Investigated?
                          After receiving correspondence from the Department of Labor notifying the practice owner of an audit, practice owners often ask, "Why am I being investigated?" The following list includes reasons and complaints that may instigate a Department of Labor audit investigation:...  Read More
Terminating the Dentist/ Patient Relationship
                          Many dentists struggle to terminate the dentist/ patient relationship. Relationship termination can be crucial to practice risk management, but improper relationship termination can lead to legal trouble. The list below contains legal justifications for terminating the...  Read More
Cyber Security in the Dental Industry
                          Top 5 Current Cybersecurity Threats Include:                                                                       Email phishing attacks - an attempt to trick the email recipient into giving out information over email                                      appears to...  Read More
Provisions to Include in an Associate Contract
                          All dental associate contracts should include the following items:                                                                       Restrictive Covenants - protects confidential information including: patient source lists, referral source lists, non-competition...  Read More
HR Audit Checklist
                          The Hiring Process                                                                       Accurate job description developed for all positions                 Job application submitted with required forms (background check, reference check, credit check release)        ...  Read More
Cybersecurity Program Development
                          Cybersecurity Program Basics                                         An effective cybersecurity program will:                              assign responsibility                 identify information assets                 conduct periodic risk assessments              ...  Read More
Top 10 Cyber Risks Facing Your Business
                          Within the past several years, technological advances have swept the business industry. The dramatic increase of technology used daily has drastically increased the importance of cybersecurity measures to protect private data. The following list outlines some of the...  Read More
Estate Planning - Papers to Gather
                          As a practice owner, your estate planning is crucial to address personal matters as well as business matters. Below is a list of important documents to organize:                                                                       property titles                 bank/...  Read More
Checklist for Opening a New Dental Practice
                          10-12 Months Before Opening                              Create a thorough business plan                 Develop your practice philosophy                 Determine all major expenditures and establish a budget                 Hire a dental specific attorney, CPA, and a...  Read More
Purchasing a Dental Practice - Legal Issues
                          In addition to financial issues and considerations, there are numerous legal issues involved in a dental transition. An attorney experienced in the nuances of dental practice transitions should always assist the buying dentist in the following issues:                   ...  Read More
Patient Record Release Authorization Elements
                          Many patient record release forms do not follow the strict guidelines required for HIPAA compliance. Dentists using these forms face the risk of an alleged privacy breach. A HIPAA compliant patient record release form should contain the following elements:               ...  Read More
When You Should Update Your Will
                          You should update your Will and Estate Planning where the following occurs:                                         • Your Will is older than three years old             • You get married or divorced             • A baby (or grandchild) is born or adopted             •...  Read More
Top 9 Reasons to Have an Employee Handbook
                          Many business owners become bogged down by paperwork and put off implementing (or even having) an employee handbook. However, an employee handbook is a vital tool in the smooth day-to-day operation of a business. The following list illustrates the importance of an...  Read More
Recording a Comprehensive Medical History
                          Before any procedure, a dentist should always review the patient’s file and medical history. The medical history allows the dentist to move in a safe direction towards treatment. A patient’s medical history holds great importance in the informed consent process as the...  Read More
Informed Consent from Minors and the Mentally Disabled
                          Obtaining informed consent from a competent adult appears relatively easy. However, receiving informed consent from a minor or mentally impaired/ disabled individual can become a more difficult process.This type of patient population typically raises serious questions as...  Read More
Ensuring the Patient's Consent is Valid
Informed consent grants patients the ability to make thoughtful and informed decisions regarding their dental treatment.This process includes providing information regarding the purpose, procedure, potential risks and benefits, as well as alternative options.                            Having an...  Read More
Dealing with Dental Malpractice
                          The most common malpractice claims occur after:                                         1. extraction procedures (extracting the wrong tooth, infections, etc.)             2. endodontic procedures (infections requiring hospitalization, instruments broken in canals,...  Read More
Completing Due Diligence Before Burying a Dental Practice
                          When considering the purchase of a dental practice, the dentist must perform the required due diligence. The dentist, his/her accountant and lawyer should educate themselves doing due diligence before ever signing a letter of intent. The potential buyer should always ask...  Read More
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