The Relentless Dentist Show w/ Drs. David & Karah Maloley
The Relentless Dentist Show w/ Drs. David & Karah Maloley
Our mission is to launch dentists beyond their excuses and into an epic life. Our podcast is about practice and lifestyle-design. It delivers free, actionable and inspirational content ... from the top minds in dentistry and beyond!
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Sandy Pardue: Increasing Your Case Acceptance (Part 1)
Increase Your Case Acceptance with Sandy Pardue - Part I   Read More
Dr. Bowman (Pete's Draggin'): The Art of Believing and Achieving
Dr. Peter Bowman has never taken "no" for an answer. His vision and persistence has made him a master of creating his own luck. In this candid discussion, Dr Bowman explains how doing "whatever it takes" has taken him from a struggling undergrad to an highly successful dentist and entrepreneur. He...  Read More
The Bold Biography of Dr. Mark Costes [Relentless Dentist Top 10 Series]
We are re-releasing our most popular Relentless Dentist podcast episodes onto this DentalTown Podcast thread. Our #2 most listened episode is an inspiring interview with fellow podcaster, Dr. Mark Costes.Listen for Dr. Costes' story about his "million dollar meltdown" . . . and many more practice /...  Read More
Sandy Pardue: Are your Appointments Broken?  [Relentless Dentist Top 10 Series]
#1 Podcast: Sandy Pardue on Broken Appointments We are re-releasing our most popular Relentless Dentist podcast episodes onto this DentalTown Podcast thread. Our #1 most listened episode is a value-packed interview with the one and only,...  Read More
Bold Biography of Scott Leune
Dr. Leune's Top Quotes:1. Auditing creates lasting implementation and efficiencies.2. It just doesn’t have to be that complicated.3. It’s just as easy to think bigger as it is to think smaller.4. I don’t put up with BS. I don’t play political games.5. I think there are three...  Read More
Find the show notes for this David Harris podcast interview here:  Read More
Sandy Pardue: Are your appointments broken?
Top Quotes from Sandy Pardue: The biggest reasons for broken appointments are: no real concrete financial arrangements, the patient just doesn't value the service, and the appointment wasn't really confirmed properly. When the patient starts asking questions, and if those questions don't get...  Read More
Dr. Chris Bowman’s Bold Biography
Top 5 quotes from Dr. Bowman: Give everyone the opportunity to say yes or no to your best care. Patients aren’t going to just know what we can do for them. Who else is going to tell them? Whatever niches you're attracted to as a dentist, those are the things that you should layer in...  Read More
Dental Coach, Dr. Bob Willis' Bold Biography Podcast
Top 5 quotes from Dr. Willis: Envision how you want your practice to operate, then get the right people on board to support you. If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? If you are going to buy a practice, if its your startup practice, buy the one...  Read More
Dr. Chris Griffin's Bold Biography
Top 5 quotes from Dr. Griffin: Don’t take no for an answer. I’ve never really been around people who just had one job. That’s probably an influence on me. I had to figure out what the blue collar folks in my town needed…they needed fillings, extractions and root...  Read More
The Bold Biography of Dr. Mark Costes
Top 5 quotes from Dr. Costes: My dad is my hero. All he had was his hopes, dreams and his degree . . . he is the epitome of the American success story! It took me 3 years and 21 attempts to get into dental school. I got great coaches and mentors . . . and I read every book you can read on...  Read More
The Bold Biography of Dr. Howard Farran
Dr. Farran's Top 5 quotes: All 2 million dentists should be on the internet within four years. Motivation is like hygiene. You need it every single day. Business is only three things: people, time and money. If you get and “A” on people, the time and money take care of...  Read More
The Bold Biography of Dr. Mike Abernathy
Dr. Abernathy's Top 5 quotes: I have seen some trends in dentistry, and unfortunately, some of the things we’ve seen in dentistry the last maybe 10-15 years, have been aberrations. If you’re not financially independent, it will color your diagnosis. I’m really positive on...  Read More
Dr. Bruce Baird's Bold Biography
Dr. Baird's Top 5 quotes: There has never been a better time to be a dentist. Prosperity is a prerequisite for clinical excellence. Being productive is not about speed. Its about communication. You don’t have slow months, you have months that you just aren’t into it. I...  Read More

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