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Ken Newhouse

#181: Using Video To Become Ultra-Magnetic To Your Perfect Prospects and Clients w/ Amanda Aschinger of Solstice Productions Video
If you’ve ever wondered what to say on your videos or how to structure them so they convert prospects into paying clients, customers, or patients look no further.   Amanda reveals how video can be the secret weapon for taking your business from where it is today to becoming the most sought-after in...  Read More
#180 - How To Instantly Become The Most-Magnetic, Most-Trusted and Most-Respected Brand In Your Niche
CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO/DOWNLOAD This Episode On iTunes!The most important component for becoming magnetic to your perfect prospects and patients is to share recognition when you do a great job.Your patients, their employees and your employees don’t want to be treated as commodities. More...  Read More
##179: (1 of 2) - Video Marketing Strategies For Becoming The Most In-Demand Brand In Your Marketplace w/Amanda Aschinger of Solstice Productions Video
Part (1 of 2) with Amanda Aschinger, Co-Founder of Solstice Productions Video.  On today’s episode Amanda’s going to show us the most-effective way to use video in your marketing and your communications. She’ll also show us how to incorporate video in your sales processes. The end-result of today’s...  Read More
#178 – Give Your Practice A Fast Start In 2019 With Revenue Generating Actions from the Sales Control™ System (and Others)
CLICK HERE To Listen To This Episode On iTunes!91.4% of businesses implement Revenue Generating Actions (RGA) on average a whopping five days or less per month. RGA’s are designed to:    Give you a quick surge of new clients so you can get up and running as quickly as possible in the New Year.  ...  Read More
#175 – The Perfect Blueprint For Helping Your Practice Get A Fast Start In 2019: Improve Your Motivation & Stoke Your Drive To Succeed
Research reveals that ultra-high performers share one the critical psychological trait known as “the inner drive to succeed”.  This inner drive is a compilation of optimism; competitiveness and need for achievement. So, as we approach the end of 2018, I want to give you a highly-effective tool … (a...  Read More
#174 – The Top 10 Reasons Why New Patients Don’t Accept Your Treatment Plan - And How To Fix It
Today we’re talking about why most prospects choose not to do business with you. Some people willingly choose to do business with you. They choose your offering, your product or service. They’re willing to talk to others about doing business with you. But most of the people in your marketplace...  Read More
#173 - AMAZING DISCOVERY! The Lost Art of Marketing That Can Transform Your Ability To Attract and Convert New Patients
If your marketing is generating lackluster results chances are you’re using the “old-way” of marketing. The “old-way” of marketing fails to see the world through the eyes of the people we want our ideas to matter to. Marketing that forces people to pay attention to what you have to say or sell;...  Read More
#172 - Who Are You Trying To Change with Your Marketing?
On today’s episode I’m going to ask you a very important question. On the surface it may seem like a simple question, but when you ask it and then answer it on a deep and meaningful level you’ll discover that it just may be the most profound question you’ve never really answered. A question that...  Read More
#171 - Introducing The NEW Sales Control Framework for Creating Highly Effective Marketing for Your Practice
Today we’re told to get more of what you already want.  More market share; more clients; more money. I want to caution you about falling into that trap.So, if you want to get tremendous value out of this new training, the question to ask is simple: What change are you seeking to make?  From what to...  Read More
This is episode #168 and today I’m going a different route with the show.  I’ve been getting a lot of questions from our listeners over the last several weeks (not only about the show) but about FunnelTribes & specifically about my approach and strategy (as it relates to working with Members) in...  Read More

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