How To Open A Dental Office
How To Open A Dental Office
The #1 Resource for Practical Tips on Opening Your New Dental Office. Start-up Practices and Renovation Projects can be Smooth, Easy and Fun with the Right Knowledge. Discover The Best Tools and Connect with Others Who have Successful Knowledge.

Clickto subscribe now.Don’t miss a future episode. Top 5 Reports for Practice Management PROFITS – th With just 5 key reports, you can monitor your practice’s BUSINESS health.Its easy.And simple.And very profitable.Private...  Read More
3 Tips for ANGRY PATIENT Management Have you Ever had a patient who made you feel…· Trapped· Insulted· Personally AttackedOn today’s episode, Jayme exposes his entire painful story from a client trapping,...  Read More
3 Major LEGAL ISSUES – New Practices Must Avoid NOWWhat are you biggest legal questions?Get answers here (for free!)Doctors pay thousands of dollars for customized legal solutions.Now you can get high value knowledge in this webinar from Rob, a dental attorney with over 20 years experience...  Read More
It’s easy to find pictures of dental construction that’s complete.Click below and watch the HALF-DONE dental construction stage.This is a stage very few dentists have access to see.Watch the 2 Minute VideoWhat you’ll discover in this video: The look and feel of a beautifully...  Read More
Next to attracting new patients,the MOST important issue is keeping them.Patients MUST be rescheduled – everytime – or you risk losing in many, many ways.This is whyyour new practice must have a rock-solid dental recall system.We teach this to clients and now you get to use this...  Read More
A Proven Technique for Powerful Dental Employee ReviewsStraight Out of Jayme’s BackyardHave you heard of the “1-10 Practice Grade” technique for dental employee reviews?Every week, I meet with clients to discuss building offices, coding, profitability, new patient marketing and...  Read More
While many will implement dental practice management techniques from various consultants, there is one that could clarify, simplify and empower you more than any other. It’s holding you back from your desired level of satisfaction and production.That tool is:Your Ideal.Your Ideal.In this...  Read More
How about 50GB of free space as a gift this year?We've almost all heard of Dropbox. Well, their big competitoris now offering 50GB of free storage (for life) if you download their new app for iPhone and iPad.They just released the new apple app on 1/15 in what looks like a push to lure customers...  Read More
Dental Signs Matter - 5 Rules To Live By
Yes, Dental Signs DO Matter. Here Are 5 Rules To Live By1. Go OutsideLook at your building and make sure traffic can see your sign clearly! I have seen so many practices that have good dental office signs that are positioned in a way that hurts morethan it helps.A great idea I heard once was to get...  Read More

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