How To Open A Dental Office
How To Open A Dental Office
The #1 Resource for Practical Tips on Opening Your New Dental Office. Start-up Practices and Renovation Projects can be Smooth, Easy and Fun with the Right Knowledge. Discover The Best Tools and Connect with Others Who have Successful Knowledge.

– Special Associates Episode – 4 Expert Roundtable format…powerful content!
– Special Associates Episode – 4 Expert Roundtable format…powerful content! What legal “stuff” do Associates need to know?And…What do OWNERS need to know about legal protections with Associates?Today...  Read More
What is your metric? KEY practice management REPORTS…with data behind the # Today, learn the power of the right metrics…And the real-life danger of the wrong data.Hear the data behind the #1 job in America in today’s...  Read More
12 CE on a CRUISE SHIP This could possibly be the most interesting concept in Dentistry today: A 3 day Team meeting… On a Cruise ship… with 12CE… learning from dozens of expert courses… With...  Read More
3D Printing – the future is HERE!
3D Printing for Solo-Dentists – the future is HERE! I’ve been a 3D-Printing “groupie” for a long time.If the technology had a tour bus, I’d be on it.And now for solo-docs, the reality of 3D Printing...  Read More
Open a STARTUP PRACTICE with Success
#1 Way to Open a STARTUP PRACTICE with Success I’m asked all the time, “what’s the #1 thing that makes your startup-clients succeed?”Great question.I rarely discuss this stuff publicly.But today you get to hear a...  Read More
Warning: is controversial.Sometimes I say, “Participate requires self-medication”PPOs are the anger of many private practice owners…and for good reason.But WHEN does it make sense to sign up with PPOs?Today, I’ll teach you something few will discuss publicly about new...  Read More
How 1 Startup Practice Changes Lives in Africa The day has arrived.Today you’ll learn how 1 Dental startup in the United states creates a ripple effect to change the lives of 10 families in Africa.At Ideal Practices, we help dentists...  Read More
How the #1 NEW-PATIENT-TOUR…and the “insurance question”…create the best PA The easiest – no expense – way to improve ALL patients’ experiences in your practice is simple.Just follow 2 easy...  Read More
4 Staff LEADERSHIP Tips for Dentists – from a PhD in Business If you get this right, the ripple effects will CHANGE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE…The first question you should ask yourself is this:How do dentists reach the highest levels of...  Read More
How to Setup an IN-OFFICE INSURANCE PLAN…the easy way How do you avoid INSURANCE FEEs and PPOs in your practice…WHILE getting patients the right care…even without dental benefits?Dentists across the country want to set...  Read More
The #1 Metric in Practice Ownership What if you could focus on 1 number in your practice that helped EVERY part of your practice?Good news is: you can.Take your best guess…is it…Overhead?Nope.Hourly profit...  Read More
How a practice-RELOCATION-strategy WORKS…(or FAILS) Relocating your practice will either be:(A) your choice…and under your control OR…(B) the worst news of your careerWhich will you choose??Both options happen to...  Read More
Create Patient-Experience EXCELLENCE…using the DRESS-REHEARSAL concept [the Digital photography can grow your case acceptance…maybe better than almost any other tool!But…What happens when that “tool” becomes...  Read More
Easy practice growth…how PATIENT HABITS can improve clinical outcomes and p What if you could use 1 simple concept to influence EVERY PATIENT?Today, you’ll learn how your practice can create PATIENT HABITS in ways that help...  Read More
Ready to Learn how dentists retire early…with a REAL ESTATE plan? Ready to Learn how dentists retire early…with a REAL ESTATE plan?Here’s the secret….This real-estate retirement plan doesn’t even need to...  Read More
Create Patient-Experience EXCELLENCE…using the DRESS-REHEARSAL concept [the The secret to PATIENT EXPERIENCE excellence isn’t discovered by most dentists.But YOU will get the simple plan today and…can use it in your...  Read More
Tech in CLINICAL Communication – are you using today’s BEST METHODS for pat The best hands in dentistry are worthless…if your patient isn’t in the chair.That’s why today you’ll learn about SPECIFIC...  Read More
Benefits of Option #1 – Dentistry’s Startup -vs- Acquisition Final Analysis Dentists who want ownership in private practice want clear, unbiased analyses.The Truth:The “right path” isdifferent for every doctor.You...  Read More
A 25K Win in 30 Minutes Yup…we recently saved one of ourHigh Level Clients 25KThat’s 25,000.00 in cold, hard cashWith one 30-minute phone callHow did we do that?Today, you’ll learn: Learn Jayme’s special...  Read More

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