How To Open A Dental Office
How To Open A Dental Office
The #1 Resource for Practical Tips on Opening Your New Dental Office. Start-up Practices and Renovation Projects can be Smooth, Easy and Fun with the Right Knowledge. Discover The Best Tools and Connect with Others Who have Successful Knowledge.

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Jayme gets GRILLED – under the microscope – a famo Today, the tables are turned. Jayme is put under the microscope by one of the most famous dentists in the country. Hear Dr. Mark Costs interview Jayme. Dr....  Read More
Increase CASE ACCEPTANCE: How patients say yes…the Patient IQ is important. But it’s worthless when compared to what you’ll learn in today’s episode. When you use this powerful case presentation...  Read More
The true story behind 500,000 NEW PATIENTS…for pri Hear today from the guy who lead the charge to bring in 500,000 new patients. His books and concepts will rock your mind with a new perspective on practice growth. ...  Read More
A 25K Win in 30 Minutes Yup…we recently saved one of our High Level Clients 25K That’s 25,000.00 in cold, hard cash With one 30-minute phone call How did we do that? Today, you’ll learn: Learn...  Read More

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