Penny Reed - Growing Your Dental Business
Penny Reed - Growing Your Dental Business
Ready to sharpen your focus as a dental business owner and accelerate your results? The Growing Your Dental Business Show is designed to give dentists the tools they need to create optimal results and profitability in their practices.
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Penny Reed
Penny Reed

Episode 37 – The Key To The Satisfied Dental Assistant In Your Practice with Kevin Henry
This episode gives a nod to dental assistants and the importance of elevating them in their roles.  It takes a team to deliver amazing care to the patients, and dental assistants are often the unsung heroes.  Penny Reed and guest Kevin Henry discuss the importance of showing appreciation to dental...  Read More
Treating the Pain Behind the Smiles
Frank King spent 20 years as a writer for The Tonight Show – but now, after many years of dealing with depression and suicide, he uses his life lessons as a dental suicide prevention speaker and trainer. Known as “The Mental Health Comedian”, Frank offers continuing education for dental...  Read More
Practice Growth Through Reviews & Referrals
Dr Nathan Ho might be described as a serial entrepreneur…but he is also a dentist and marketing strategist who is the founder of EnvisionStars, a software-as-a-service company that focuses on helping practice owners attract more patients and grow their business without spending more money on...  Read More
Be Coachable - Saying YES to Consulting
Dr Chad Johnson is a practicing dentist in Iowa, former president of the Iowa AGD, and is currently on faculty at the Productive Dentist Academy. From delegation and efficiencies to Cerec and his new podcast: Everyday Practices, Dr Johnson is a wealth of knowledge and quite entertaining! Join Penny...  Read More
Team Learning Plans for Your Dental Software and More
This episode is incredibly powerful. Be sure to tune in to this episode as Dayna Johnson, founder of Novonee and publisher of the Dentrix Office Manager blog, share how teams can make learning an ongoing process. Dayna shares how to put a plan together and where to find resources. Think that CE is...  Read More
Episode 9 - Compliance: Going Beyond Good Enough
One of the lesser known success factors in a dental practice is “compliance.”  As Linda Harvey shares in this session, compliance is the backbone of practice management systems.  Many practices are tempted to skip over it and focus on procedures or systems that drive revenue.  Sadly, some practice...  Read More
Episode 8 - Jennifer Schultz and The Achievement Blueprint
Feel busier than ever yet you don’t seem to be accomplishing important projects? Be sure to check out this podcast session with Jennifer Schultz. Jennifer saw that many offices created a to-do list and had great intentions, but something was stopping them from implementing their systems....  Read More
Episode 7 Mastering Quickbooks and Avoiding Embezzlement
There is so much focus placed on producing dentistry and being sure we are collecting what we’ve produced that it’s easy to forget the final step of managing and protecting our practice income. You will love this interview with Susan Gunn. She is not only Dentistry’s QuickBooks...  Read More
The Importance of Patient Perception - Penny Reed interviews Janice Hurley
Could Your Image Be Holding You Back? Image not only shapes the patient’s first impression, it shapes their perception. No one knows more about this topic than Dentistry’s Image Expert, Janice Hurley, as a matter of fact, she is known as the “Expert To The Experts”. I...  Read More
Work Less, Earn More, Love Life Again - An Interview with Dr. Chris Griffin
This is an awesome session which should inspire any dental business owner. Whether you are a solo practitioner, multi-location owner, or starting out as an associate – Dr. Griffin will inspire you to have work-life balance. Chris is an efficiency guru and even if your practice setup is...  Read More
Selling The Invisible In Dentistry with Dr. Howard Farran
In Episode 4 of the Growing Your Dental Business Show, DentalTown's Dr. Howard Farran joins me to discuss the “Secrets to Practice Success.” One of the main components to having a successful practice is understanding that in dentistry we are selling the invisible. Once a dental practice...  Read More
Episode 3 - The Importance of Authentic Leadership with Joseph Urcavich
In Episode 3, Dr. Joe Urcavich discusses “The Importance of Authentic Leadership.” Effective leadership looks a little different than most people might expect it to. It requires being a good listener and being vulnerable. Dentists will learn how to be better leaders in their small...  Read More
Episode 2 - Good to Great In Dentistry With Dr. Wayne Kerr
If you’ve never met Dr. Wayne Kerr or had the opportunity to hear him speak, you are in for a treat! Wayne has a true passion for dentistry and is an icon in the industry. He has the spark of enthusiasm that every dental professional should have to make a difference in their office. Have you...  Read More
Growing Your Dental Business - Where Do I Start?
Welcome to the introductory session, Episode One, of the Growing Your Dental Business Show podcast. I am so excited to have you join me on this journey. Where should you start? In this session, I cover the Five Keys to Growing Your Dental Business as well as what you can expect in future...  Read More

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