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The UnCosmetic Dentist
A controversial look at trends in cosmetic dentistry, alternative styles of care and practice management techniques.
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Fun 'Wanted' Poster advertisement
You can make up a quick and catchy newspaper advertisement with a artist and have a little fun at the same time.Doc Holiday.  Read More
Cartoon Animation
Playing with some animations of my Toothache Guy and here's an idea for use on a Facebook page. Finally can do this type of thing without going broke. Adding sound and some more movements along the way!Yar  Read More
Categories: amazing marketing
Happy Easter
Work your marketing into the seasonal themes?Can load your logo into a temp tattoo program and apply as needed...and kids like them too.  Read More
Categories: amazing marketing
Can't post Xmas cards on Facebook?
I know it sounds totally ridiculous, but according to my best information our local dental marketing police will soon advise me that it is a violation to post thoughtful Xmas card messages on our practice Facebook/website page. My premonition is no Christmas cheer and a lump of coal for all...  Read More
Categories: dental marketing
Graffiti, Art or advertising?
Love the Banksy style so figured it was time to have some fun with a dental ad...another twist coming soon.; )Yar  Read More
Categories: dental marketing
Giant Cut-out office display
Just put together the 8 foot toothbrush- toothache guy (TM) combo - may stand them outside the office sometime. Could be hard to ignore the gentle reminder to avoid complications with routine care.  Read More
Categories: dental marketing
Life size cutouts?
Today I ordered a few large cardboard cutouts...not with the turkey, but with the trademarked Area-Exclusive Toothache Guy to use as an office display. Fun for selfies and with Halloween it may be a reminder of the dentist-candy connection.The other fun thing the offers is what they call 'Face...  Read More
Categories: dental marketing you want to look less corporate and more like the friendly neighborhood dentist then here's an idea for you. The lady Nina who runs this company has experience with dentists, especially in the USA, and can get a newsletter program going that is...  Read More
Categories: dental marketing
Just set this up idea to try - basically using a FACEBOOK group to communicate about issues between shifts, show off new marketing projects, review some new protocols and all from the convenience of home. Set on private nobody else needs to know but I'd keep all those confidentiality laws in mind...  Read More
Categories: facebook
Botox ad
With a couple docs in our office ready to offer Botox I thought I'd design a quick ad, update our on hold message and maybe design a bus bench. Is my dog wrinkly enough?  Read More
Categories: botox
Driving home from my Marketing Hearing I got an idea...
It was a long day at the hearing, but on the way home exhausted in the passenger's seat speeding at nearly 90 miles per hour I came up with a moderately safe method to advertise in an effective, professional and unique way. Perhaps not nearly as effective as what I had been doing but I need to lay...  Read More
Categories: dental marketing
BEST ad idea of the day...thanks Howie.
After being sued by my local dental association for $9,000,000 and thrown into a hearing for marketing STO my new thing is 'worn teeth' this photo just posted on Howard Farran's facebook page has inspired me to work on a new ad. Thanks to whoever came up with this. The right ad can reward a...  Read More
Categories: dental marketing
Quickie Braces Outlawed - First Newspaper Ad for 'Worn Teeth'
As mentioned to Howie a few days ago during his podcast interview I've been forced to move my marketing efforts into a new area and besides radio which is great I'm testing this ad in a special health edition of the local newspaper. Had a fun case today as seen in this youtube video.  Read More
Categories: dental marketing
Due to a recent outright ban on advertising of STO, I've branched off into the treatment of the worn dentition which in my case uses Frank Spear's program with an emphasis on composite restorations, perio & ortho. I ran a radio ad that brought in some interesting 'Big Cases' and have a print ad...  Read More
Categories: dental marketing
Busy arguing with the dental association over advertising and discovered how the ______ worked ___ way into the committee to add meat to the attack against certain types of advertising. The people at the top can be ruthless in not wanting to back down from their restrictions.Fight on.  Read More
Just read the new guidelines for marketing in our province and gosh darn it if they haven't done their best to take away every tool in our treasure chest. Just as oil has gone down and everyone is in the dumps. Hopefully dentists will get mad and rise up against the machine.No testimonialsOK'd...  Read More
Categories: dental marketing
Slightly distracted with a marketing death match with the association, but still running's the season to remind people their dental plans are expiring. Radio, newspaper, newsletters, and email if its still legal.y  Read More
Categories: dental marketing Fiverr artist can play around with a office photos or ads and give them a scary theme. I've got a neat 'bloody' video in progress...will post shortly. If you are running ads this month why not dress them up?Yar  Read More
Categories: dental marketing
The Richer Niche
This is just a draft, but the behind story is a bus bench opened up for an ad a block down from the local Costco so I felt it was time to strike with an idea I've had for a while. Knowing Costco members tend to be on the upper income level and since they often have Amex cards (higher qualifying...  Read More
Categories: dental marketing
Categories: dental marketing
As some already know, the dental marketing police have now outlawed use of B&A photos in my area, so besides lobbying the hell against it I have devised a few ads to push their 'before only' ads and cartoons with B&A ads.Here's one ad that combines a number of strategies:A...  Read More
Categories: dental marketing
design copyright 2014  Read More
Categories: dental marketing
What to do when you win 'Best Dentist'?
In our area a local newspaper does a reader poll for 'best dentist' and this year our office won...the last time I won was around 2007, so it was great to be recognized again.Some of the things we have done so far or plan to do include: Running a few 'thank you' radio ads Newspaper thank...  Read More
Categories: dentist marketing
Can you start your own series on dental health? It's very easy with and a 100 word script.Voila!Yar  Read More
Categories: dental marketing
"Don't wine about crooked teeth"
Fun little ad that seems to get shared well on Facebook. Source: FiverrANOTHER IDEA: Custom label (real wine with your name & a fun slogan) given to awesome patients - 'top 100' - or draw for referring patients or whatever. Source: Cost vs 'hey my cooldentist gave me a bottle of his wine' ratio...  Read More
Categories: dental marketing
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