Investment Grade Practices
Investment Grade Practices
Investment Grade PracticesTM are designed to give you the lifestyle you enjoy today, while building an asset for tomorrow. Victoria Peterson, SsD helps dentists build practices that they love today while building value to secure their future.

Episode 18: Burnout and Self-care in Dentistry with Dr. Jessica Metcalf
“We always tell our patients to not to wait until they’re symptomatic. How then as dentists do we let ourselves become symptomatic before we take care of ourselves?” ~Dr. Jessica Metcalf So many doctors forget about the “I” in “investment”. But taking care of yourself is absolutely essential to...  Read More
Episode 17 -  Deeper Dive: Demystifying Dental Contracts
“If you don’t understand a contract when you sign it, chances are it won’t be a useful document when you need it.” Crazy things will happen to you in your journey as a dental practice owner. Your team will sue you, patients will be upset, and associate relationships will break down. It’s just a...  Read More
Episode 16 -  Dental Contract Law with David Cohen (Part 2)
“This may shock some people, but the best partnerships are when you sign the contract and never pick it up again.” - David Cohen Today, I’m continuing my conversation with David Cohen about Dental Contract Law. We dive into partnership contracts and how to successfully negotiate the ins and...  Read More
Episode 15 -  Dental Contract Law with David Cohen (Part 1)
“In my opinion, there are 3 phases of a contract: how you get into it, how you operate through it, and how you get out. The goal is for the business owner to set things up so there are no surprises later on.” - David Cohen In any Investment Grade Practice, there are 3 levels: Investing in...  Read More
Episode 14 - Deeper Dive: Simplifying Dental HR
“HR is unpredictable. You can get away with something today that comes around and bites you in the ass tomorrow.” I get fired up about HR. I had so much fun digging into this topic with Ali Oromchian in the episode before this one. When I think about managing employees nothing can get my blood...  Read More
Episode 13 - Employment Law & Dentistry with Ali Oromchian
“Getting accustomed to reading and learning as things happen and not ignoring the rule changes is very important. If you’re too busy, then rely on professionals to help you.” ~Ali Oromchian One of the biggest topics doctors struggle with as business owners is the topic of legality and liability....  Read More
Special Crossover Episode - Preventing Burnout in Dentistry
“I think its just knowing that so many people have already experienced the same things and that there are already solutions to the problems I faced and I don't have to figure it out on my own." ~Dr. Joe Blalock I recently had the honor to sit down in person with Dr. Joe Blalock, host of the Life...  Read More
Episode 11 – Hiring a Passionate Dental Team with Dr. Adrienne Reynolds
“If you’re going to grow your business, you need to grow your people.” Building and retaining a fantastic team is key to building your Investment Grade Practice™.  But so many dentists and business owners struggle with their team and office culture. In fact, it can be downright debilitating when...  Read More
Episode 10 - People, Purpose, & Passion...Profits will Follow with Dr. Adrienne Reynolds
“I always say hire someone to do 80% of the job, and allow room for them to grow.” People. Passion. Purpose. Profit. An Investment Grade Practice needs all 4. Why do you want to do it? If you’re only in it to make the money, then what is it that drives you what gets you out of bed? It’s not enough...  Read More
Episode 9 - Deeper Dive: Balancing Your Equation
“If you find yourself questioning your decisions all the time, then you’re making the decision on an emotional high, and questioning on an emotional low.”  In my interview with Dr. Josh Bower he brought up an incredible theme: is your dental practice a hobby or a business? Am I so focused on my...  Read More
Episode 8 - Is Your Dental Practice a Hobby or a Business? with Dr. Josh Brower
“Without your patients you have no reason to be there. First you have to value your patients and what you do for them and that they are coming to see you, not someone else.” To build an Investment Grade PracticeTM, you have to get out of the cash-flow rat race and into building a valuable asset....  Read More
Episode 7 - Deeper Dive: Owning Your Comfort Zone
“Great leaders demonstrate ease. When they walk into a room people feel better because they walked into the room.”   To build an Investment Grade PracticeTM, you need to be comfortable with who you are. People often talk about getting dental practice owners out of their comfort zone, but today I...  Read More
Episode 6 - Building Value in the Dental Practice with Dr. Bruce B. Baird
“Value is at the heart of building an Investment Grade Practice. Top practices must hold their value for new buyers.”   If you're anything like me, you look at your practice and think, "Man I should be further down the line than this." Building value in your practice takes time, care, intent, and...  Read More
Episode 5 - Deeper Dive: Delegate Like Eisenhower
"You can’t do everything…having that leadership view of your goals helps you identify what’s really important.”   As a dental practice owner, life is beyond busy. And busy is really the antithesis of being productive. So how do you slow life down so that you get things done? The first thing to...  Read More
Episode 4 - Your Dental Practice as an Asset with Rani Ben-David
“You’re not just building a high-paid job. You’re crafting a business that will have value in the future, so learn from people who are successful.”  When you go into something, you need to have a plan for getting out. So many dentists go into their practice wanting to pay off debt and have a good...  Read More
Episode 3 - Deeper Dive: Building Your Buyer Persona
Who are you building your practice for? In my interview with Vincent Cardillo, I was blown away with how clearly Vinny articulated how you craft your core values and measure those core values in your practice. As we continue to build an Investment Grade Practice, these core values really comes...  Read More
Episode 2 - What Makes a Valuable Dental Practice with Vincent Cardillo
“The value of your practice goes beyond’re creating something that will be valuable in the future.”    Your focus as an independent dental practice owner is creating value in your practice; you should be building a practice that other people want to buy. But do you know what actually...  Read More
Episode 1 - What Is an Investment Grade Practice?
Being a dental practice owner is one of the most courageous acts of independence to be found in the business world today. But business shouldn’t be this hard. That’s why my goal with this podcast is to get you thinking about your dental practice as an Investment Grade BusinessTM.  Investment...  Read More
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