Everyday Practices Podcast
Everyday Practices Podcast
Everyday Practices follow Regan Robertson and Dr. Chad Johnson as they interview dental professionals about everything related to dental practice ownership from productivity & finances, to best practices for patient interaction, leadership, and more.
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What Kind of Boss Are You? (Part 1)
“We all have superpowers…and we all have kryptonite.” It will behoove you to understand what kind of leader you are so you can identify and understand it and know how to better support yourself and not be affected by that. In the first part of this series, we dig into the 4 types of leaders –...  Read More
Executive Success with JW Oliver
“Who’s going to train them? That’s the biggest question leaders have with delegation. But once you’re freed up from that task you can focus on what really matters to you.” JW Oliver from SupportDDS joins us for a transformational conversation about executive and entrepreneurial success and...  Read More
Facing Your Fee-For-Service Fears
So many doctors are held back from providing the services they would diagnose because they can only offer the care insurance will cover. Your practice should be building you up, not holding you back. But moving to FFS can be a frightening prospect for many dentists. Brad James, Director of...  Read More
Marketing to Control Production with Dr. Tessa Miller
Dr. Tessa Miller doubled her new patient flow in 6 months. Listen in as we peel back the curtain of her success and uncover how she used marketing to gain control of her production. Listen on iTunes: Listen on Spotify: View transcript: Marketing to Control Production   Read More
A Plan that Works (Part 2) with Christine Uhen & Stacy Deemer
As a small business owner its all too common to be swallowed up in the day-to-day and lose sight of the bigger picture. That's why we are sharing proven methods to make sure your plan is implemented. The great news is all the support you need is available around you when you know where to look! So...  Read More
A Plan That Works (Part 1) with Christine Uhen & Stacy Deemer
One of the most unsexy, yet vital parts of running a successful dental practice is having and working a strategic plan. You may think you have a plan, but are you actually working your plan or is your plan working you? Everybody can make a strategic business plan, that’s the easy part. It’s the...  Read More
Courageous Conversations
In last week’s episode, Dr. Chad discussed how he handled a letter from an unhappy patient, including how he guided his associate through the experience. We got a lot of great feedback from listeners about how impressed they were with his response to this situation. So we decided to pull out this...  Read More
Episode 118 - Special Edition: Handling the Unhappy Patient
Think back to the last time you had to handle an unhappy patient: are you proud of how you dealt with that interaction? Are there maybe some things you would have done differently? We’ve all been there. After our episode last week, Dr. Chad and I stayed on after our interview to discuss a letter...  Read More
117 - Next-Level Communication
“The risk factor conversation has been so crucial in communicating to patients and is what I think has elevated our practice to the next level,” says Dr. Kelsey Meunier who joins us today with Dr. Anna Adams to share their story about doubling production through communication. If you’ve ever felt...  Read More
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