Everyday Practices Dental Podcast
Everyday Practices Dental Podcast
Everyday Practices follow Regan Robertson and Dr. Chad Johnson as they interview dental professionals about everything related to dental practice ownership from productivity & finances, to best practices for patient interaction, leadership, and more.
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Episode 160 - Your Business Should Be Boring with Dr. Victoria Peterson
“I have this crazy philosophy that my life should be exciting but my business should be predictable.” – Dr. Victoria Peterson Boring is good. In your business anyway. Excitement and adrenaline are wonderful parts of life, but in your business they distract you from the important things like taking...  Read More
Episode 159 - Special Extended Episode: Ozone - The Art of Ozone Science and Asking Questions with Cris Duval, RDH
“We have to ask our patients questions that match the current science. And asking ‘are you brushing’ isn’t good enough anymore.” -Cris Duval, RDH Have you been curious about ozone therapy and what it can do for your patients? So many of you have asked, which is why this is a special extended...  Read More
Episode 158 - Building Patient Loyalty with Shawn Zajas (Part 2)
“I’m trying to get a paradigm shift with patient care. It’s not about the toothbrush…it’s about the patient experience.” -Shawn Zajas How can I create loyal patients? If you’re like most independent dentists this question is on your mind a lot. You’ve probably spent a fair amount of time worrying...  Read More
Episode 157 - Building Patient Loyalty with Shawn Zajas (Part 1)
“If patients align with you, they will never leave for petty reasons.’” -Shawn Zajas How are you different from the dentist down the street?  We really hope your answer isn’t, “I don’t know that I am.” It’s a real challenge so many dentists face today: how do you stand out from the crowd?  As an...  Read More
Episode 156 - Treat the Disease Not Just the Damage (Part 2) with Dr. Kim Kutsch
“We have patients saying ‘can I just use this every day for the rest of my life?’” -Dr. Kim Kutsch Do you want what’s best for your patients? That might seem like a silly question. But take a moment to think about it. If you knew a way to drastically improve the lives of your patients – if you...  Read More
Episode 155 - Treat the Disease, Not Just the Damage (Part 1) with Dr. Kim Kutsch
“We need to look at the patient as a whole and look at what caused that disease.” -Dr.  That’s the way we’ve always done it.  How often have you heard that phrase in dentistry? While there may be some things to be said for doing things how you’re supposed to, when you’re not seeing the results,...  Read More
Episode 153 – From Stressed Dentist to Prosperous Practice with Dr. Austin Whetten
“Instead of just being productive myself as a doctor, we needed to be productive as a whole team.” -Dr. Austin Whetten You’re losing team members. You’re working way too hard. You’re exhausted.  So what can you do? “I was stressing myself out to the max, micromanaging everything, my team hated...  Read More
Episode 152 - Building a Dental Legacy with Dr. Rebekah Browder
“I want to leave behind something positive. It’s my job to take the days I have and improve the lives of those around me.” -Dr. Rebekah Browder When you look back at your life, what do you want people to say about you?  So many dentists go into the industry wanting to make a difference, wanting to...  Read More
Episode 151 - How to Change Your Dental Practice with Dr. Charles Major, Jr.
“If you want to change your practice, change your life, you need to go to PDA.” -Dr. Charles Major, Jr.  It’s not what any dental practice owner wants to see: your schedule is maxed out, but your productivity is dropping.  This is what Dr. Charles Major, Jr. saw happening in his practice. Twelve...  Read More
Episode 150 - Special Extended Episode: Our Top 3 Dental Practice Tips
“These practices aren’t just reserved for the top 1% of dentists. Everyday dentists are doing these things and building incredibly valuable businesses.” -Dr. Victoria Peterson Welcome to the 150th episode of Everyday Practices Dental Podcast!  Before we say anything else, we want to...  Read More
Episode 149 – Getting Your Dental Team on Board with Marketing with Sara Hansen
“Your team is an extension of you. They represent you and your brand with the patients.” -Sara Hansen Most of your patients make the decision to trust – or not trust – you before they even meet you.  Why? Simple answer, it’s because of your team! Think about it…who is the first person a patient...  Read More
Episode 148 - Be a Dental Marketing Champion with Sara Hansen
“The why is important because marketing is about connection and trust.” -Sara Hansen If the patient doesn’t feel like you’re a safe place, they won’t schedule with you. If they don’t trust you, they won’t accept your treatment plan. This is why authentic marketing in dentistry is so important:...  Read More
Episode 147 -Toxic Dental Leadership (And How to Break the Habit) with Dr. Danny Nguyen
“Are you really leading if you’re walking in front but no one is following you?” -Dr. Danny Nguyen The surest way to dismantle a dental team is to micromanage them. You might think you’re ensuring your team meets your high standards, but what you’re really showing them is that you don’t trust...  Read More
Episode 146 - Motivate Your Dental Team by Actively Listening with Deni Hall
“With Active Listening I have to put my own agenda aside and listen to what they want and need. If I can do that, then I can motivate someone.” -Deni Hall Ask yourself this: Do I understand my people at a level that is deeper than the surface? Am I judgemental when they do share what matters? In...  Read More
Episode 145 – The Why Behind Dental Business Goals with Deni Hall
“When it looks out over the horizon, your brain is looking for ways to prove you right…so what are you telling your brain?” -Deni Hall There’s lots of different ways to plan and goal set to achieve your dreams. Chances are, if you’re listening to this podcast, you’ve read at least several books on...  Read More
Episode 144 - Turning Your Dental Passion into Profits with Dr. Bridget Lervick
“It took a long time to go this direction, but I’m doing what I love.” -Dr. Bridget Lervick Are you listening to where your journey is taking you?  Dr. Bridget Lervick has a story all independent dentists need to hear. She is living in the sweet spot all entrepreneurs seek: combining a...  Read More
Episode 141 - When Dental Risks Bite Back
“Let me be honest, I did not have a great year. It’s not a happy ending, but it’s worth learning about.” ~Dr. Chad Johnson It’s gritty. It’s real. There’s no filter. Both of us went through a lot of business changes this year. As with many things in business, there were successes, and there...  Read More
Episode 140 - At Your Dental Patient’s Service
“Sometimes I’m so go, go, go, go that I forget to be in relationship with people. But, when I go back to basics, I am here to serve others.” ~Regan Robertson Today we’re talking about an Everyday Practice that any dentist can do and become more productive with a loyal patient.  This is Dental...  Read More
Episode 139 - Why Dentists Need a Thinking Partner with Deni Hall
“A thinking partner is someone who challenges your thinking and causes you to modify and change your paradigm or assumptions so you can grow your business.” ~Deni Hall Today’s topic is not comfortable. It will challenge you and make you think past your comfort zone. We’re talking today about...  Read More
Episode 138 - I Had a Rotten Tooth with Tom Latourette
We have a very special episode for you today. As you probably know, one of the tenants of Productive Dentist Academy is Doing Good While Doing Good. We believe that one of the benefits of productivity is having the time and resources to give back to others. We are so excited to bring you today’s...  Read More
Episode 137 - Innovations in Dentistry with Dr. Bruce B. Baird
“I’m intrigued by new technology and, boy, is dentistry changing rapidly. And I feel an obligation to the doctors who attend our workshops and listen to my podcast to give them the best information possible about emerging innovations in dentistry.” Visionaries create the future. They see far...  Read More
Episode 136 - Tuning Your Dental Team
“Every piano needs tuning. You can have an awesome piano that’s in tune, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to stay in tune. It’s the same with your dental team.” ~Dr. Chad Johnson One of the leadership and management concepts that came away from the PDA Workshop in September was “every piano...  Read More
Episode 135 - Preventing Burnout in Dentistry with Victoria Peterson, SsD & Dr. Joe Blalock
"Our minds never shut off. Because we have our phones and our social media etc. it never shuts down and it can be overwhelming." ~Dr. Joe Blalock Regan Robertson here, and today we are having a podcast crossover party featuring yours truly and Victoria Peterson, host of the Investment Grade...  Read More
Episode 133 - The Missing Links of Dental Marketing with Sara Hansen
“When we think about marketing we usually think about the external piece – website, ads, etc. But there are internal processes we need to think about, too. Can we get patients to accept an appointment and treatment?” Do you cringe when you hear the word marketing? If you do, you’re not alone. For...  Read More
Episode 132 - Patching the Erosion of Dental Culture with Joanne Miles
"COVID fatigue is real. While most dental practices encounter burn out from time to time, the reality is people are dealing with more uncertainty and fear." It’s been a trying 18 months in dentistry. You may have noticed this fatigue showing up over the past few months: staff are short-tempered,...  Read More
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