The Deals for Dentists Podcast
The Deals for Dentists Podcast
I will be blogging weekly interviews with dentists and vendors from across the industry. The video version has silly pop ups, key takeaways, definitions, and of course making fun my dry sense of humor and dead pan look. Thanks, Dr. Eric Block
Deals for Dentists

Episode #22: Dr. Paul Etchison In this episode, I interview Dr. Paul Etchison who practices outside of Chicago.  He Is The Author Of "Dental Practice Hero: From Ordinary Practice To Extraordinary Experience". Dr. Etchison a speaker and host of the Dental Practice Heros Podcast and co-founder...  Read More
Episode #16: Elijah Desmond
Episode #16: Elijah Desmond We discuss some of his many businesses and achievements.  He currently has new customer offers for his companies: Lyfee, Driven Dental Implant Marketing, and Smiles at Sea on . He also discusses his life as a motivational speaker, hygienist, Facebook groups,...  Read More
Episode #12: Jim Gerson of CareStack
Episode #12 Jim Gerson of CareStack Carestack is an All-in-One Practice Management Solution. A cloud-based, unified suite of dental practice management solutions for growing practices Go to the  section and target CareStack’s promo: Get 20% off implementation fees, Free Subscription for the...  Read More
Episode #11: Aaron Boone, Founder of MVP Mailhouse
Episode #11: Aaron Boone Today we are joined by Aaron Boone founder of MVP Mailhouse and he talks to us about the Advancements in direct mail for dental offices, Go to and you will find MVP Mailhouse’s promo listing in the marketing and patient acquisition category EXCLUSIVE “DEALS FOR DENTISTS”...  Read More
Episode #9: Cheryl Mckenna and Steven Pishko
Episode #9 Cheryl Mckenna and Steven Pishko We are joined by Cheryl McKenna of Merchant Advocates and Steven Pishko, managing Partner of United Purchasing Card Group. Go to  Find Merchant Advocates promo: Mention Deals For Dentists and keep 100% of the savings we find in the first two months!...  Read More
Episode #8: Brian Hanks
Episode #8: Brian Hanks Today we are joined by Brian Hanks. MBA & CFP. He is an Expert transitioner. He works with dentists who are looking to transition their career and buy a practice. . Go to  and get $300 Off the Practice Purchase Blueprint.  -This course sells for $997 online. Enter the code...  Read More
Episode #6: Jonathan Martin of Ceterus
Episode #6: Jonathan Martin of Ceterus Jonathan Martin, VP Business Development Of Ceterus Ceterus is an automated accounting and reporting platform. It’s Dental specific and Cloud-based.  Go to and find the Ceterus promo   Mention Deals for Dentists and If you introduce Ceterus to your CPA...  Read More
Episode #2: Howard Farran, Founder of
Episode #2: Howard Farran DDS and BFD The man needs no introduction. Dr. Howard Farran BFD and founder of dentaltown Namaste everyone! Visit  to find new customer offers from vendors across the industry.   Read More
Episode #1: Ben Tuinei, President of Veritas Resources
Episode #1 Ben Tuinei President of Veritas In this episode, we interview Ben Tuinei, President of Veritas Resources. Go to  Ben explains how his company helps dentists negotiate with insurance companies.   He represents dental offices from all 50 states and of all sizes  From DSO’s to...  Read More
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