Dentalpreneur Secrets - Stop Wasting Your Time with Ordinary Advice - Get Lessons from the Super Rich
Dentalpreneur Secrets - Stop Wasting Your Time with Ordinary Advice - Get Lessons from the Super Rich
Many dentalpreneurs are wasting time relaying on ordinary advice from ordinary advisors. I help you implement lessons from the Super Rich so you can reclaim your time and live an amazing life of significance.
Timothy J McNeely CFP CIMA

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Here’s Why You Need a ‘Business Plan’ for Your Family
When business owners start a new venture or seek out funding, they always create a detailed business plan first. But chances are, most parents have never once thought about creating a similar type of plan for their most important asset: their families.  Your family may not be a business, but...  Read More
The Value of Multigenerational Family Meetings
If you’ve amassed sizable wealth, or are on the right path and getting there, it may be time to consider how to pass on some of that money to children and grandchildren—without creating big problems that could harm their futures and destroy family harmony.  The fact is, family wealth—how it’s...  Read More
The Importance of Personal Umbrella Policies
What would happen if you or your child caused a car accident that resulted in serious injuries or the deaths of others?  How would you pay for the treatment and damages of someone who was hurt in your home and claimed negligence? What happens when they claim to have suffered greatly because of...  Read More
A Common Sense Guide to Heart Health
It’s been said that a man with health has a thousand dreams, while a man with no health has but one. Don’t you owe it to yourself, your family, your career and your community to have not only a thousand dreams, but also the energy and engagement to make them happen?  Few would argue that, to live...  Read More
Insightful Questions That Can Ramp Up Your Success
Want to see some amazing results in your life? Ask questions and then listen well. We have discovered that a disproportionate number of the most successful people consistently and systematically use an approach known as insightful questioning to build rapport with other people in ways that...  Read More
Smart Ways to Take Control of a Trust
Many successful families use trusts to minimize taxes, transfer wealth and protect assets from creditors and others. You may have already set up a trust, or you may hold an inheritance you received in a trust that was created decades ago.  Trouble is, too many families relinquish more control...  Read More
What to Do When Your Doctor Has Bad News
It’s what no one ever wants to hear: “The test results have come back positive.”  And yet it’s quite likely that you, a loved one or both will one day be given a serious health diagnosis that throws your world into uncertainty, confusion and fear. That means you have two choices:  • Wish and...  Read More
It’s Time to Get Serious About Your Happiness
There’s a great quote by Jean-Paul Sartre: “We are our choices.” When it comes to our happiness and our overall success in life, that’s truer than you might have realized.  Taking time to examine the choices you make in your life and work each day and over the long term to make sure they are...  Read More
Savvy Negotiating: To Get the Moon, ask for the Stars
One key way to build serious wealth—whether in a business or your everyday life—is to effectively and consistently negotiate deals that are good for you and your bottom line. Ideally, everyone walks away from a negotiation feeling good about the outcome—a win-win scenario. But ultimately, to be...  Read More
Five Big Mistakes Executors Make—and How to Avoid Them
Being named the executor of a family member’s (or other loved one’s) estate is, in many ways, an honor. The decision shows that the person saw you as a highly trustworthy, capable person of integrity.  But it’s also a major responsibility that can quickly become a burden if you aren’t set up to...  Read More
The Super Rich Stress Test Their Financial Plans— and So Should You!
The Super Rich (those with a net worth of $500 million or more) who have family offices typically engage a sizable lineup of professional advisors to help them create and implement financial plans. To help ensure those plans are both state-of-the-art as well as in line with their needs and wants,...  Read More
Want to Promote Family Entrepreneurship? Consider a Family Bank
A key objective among many single-family offices serving Super Rich families (those with a net worth of at least $500 million) is to enable future generations of family members to build their own wealth and create their own entrepreneurial legacies.  With that in mind, the Super Rich are...  Read More
Three “Spy Secrets” That Can Protect You, Your Family and Your Business
Imagine yourself in a vintage tuxedo, sipping a “shaken, not stirred” martini as you make eye contact across the bar with a beautiful secret agent who is about to covertly hand you a dossier with information that will help prevent World War III.   Okay—that’s almost certainly never going to...  Read More
Will’s and Trusts
The foundations of your rock-solid estate plan For so many of us, family is paramount. You probably expect to use your wealth to take care of your family in the here and now—health care, travel, college tuition and the like. But chances are you haven’t thought nearly as much about positioning your...  Read More
What’s Your High-Net-Worth Personality?
Here’s why you need to know As a successful person with big goals, you require truly valuable financial advice that maximizes your ability to achieve your most important personal and professional financial objectives.   That means you need to work with professionals who connect with you. Who...  Read More
The Road to Longevity: Living to 120—and Beyond?
Medical technology can now identify risk factors in the human body long before they impact your health. A medical revolution is underway—one that’s making it possible for us to extend our lives for decades by stopping now-fatal diseases before they can take hold of our bodies. In the coming...  Read More
Five reasons to Make Philanthropy a Family Affair
Getting your family involved in charitable giving can create a powerful legacy. A growing number of successful people have a strong urge to “pay it forward” by financially supporting causes and organizations that are near and dear to their hearts. Many of you already make regular and sizable...  Read More
Smart Ways to Build a Moat Around Your Wealth
Have you taken steps to protect the assets you have worked so hard to build? Chances are, you know someone who has been sued. Maybe that someone is you. The fact is, your enviable position as a successful person comes with a major downside: You’re a potential magnet for lawsuits—which may very...  Read More
The Billionaire Money Rules
The Billionaire Money Rules What our research shows about how the self-made Super Rich build their wealth If you are like nearly every other successful dentist, you’re not ready to rest on your accomplishments. You want to build on your success so far to create even more wealth and more value. In...  Read More
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