The Eval by The Dental Creatives
The Eval by The Dental Creatives
Delivering The Eval-The weekly update for busy dental professionals. Helping you excel with the latest insights, clinical updates, and business trends to propel your practice.
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Here's the TL;DR (too long, didn't read) version of the latest dental insights. We get that you are busy- so we drop only the most useful stuff right to your inbox. Helping you improve in 5 minutes or less Happy Tuesday. Another week and another weekend with too much football watching, a glorified...  Read More
Dentistry on the Golf Course: Oct 20, 2020
The TL;DR (Too long, didn't read) version of the latest dental insights to propel your practice. We get you are busy, that's why we drop only the most important news in your inbox for you to improve in 5 minutes or less.  Gooooood morning friends *Joe Rogan voice*. Today, we are pondering a very...  Read More
Dental Trends: Excercise for Your Jaw?!
A New Subject for Your Dental Patient Education View the original story  While COVID-19 has stopped the flow of patients into your dental practice, the potential dental problems for your parents have not.  A new subject has arisen that will need your attention for your dental patient education. ...  Read More
A Visual Guide to the ADA's Return to Work Interim Guidance Kit
Ease your Patient’s Worries and Concerns Regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic Welcome your patients back to your practice with a visual representation of the American Dental Association’s guidelines for safely reopening your practice.  The Dental Creatives have produced a visual guide for your...  Read More
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The (Updated) 2020 Comprehensive Guide to Dental Marketing Trends
Here is Your Guide to the Future of Dental Marketing Services In this article, I will share the top trends in dental marketing. This a comprehensive guide, so you won’t see any basic advice like “Get on social media.” C’mon. Everyone knows that dental practices should have a strong social media...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
The Best Creative Professionals for Dental Marketing
The days of wasting money on ineffective dental marketing are over Few dentists have taken advantage. Thousands of talented professionals available at exceptional rates.   Thousands of dollars are sent per month to dental marketing agencies. With a looming recession, the need for cost savings...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
Dental Trends: The Gig Economy in the Dental Industry
The movement: Google searches have seen a tremendous uptick in the volume of searches for the gig economy. Similar to our write-up about teledentistry, much of this increase in popularity has to do with individuals forced to stay at home due to the coronavirus. This is no new concept though.  have...  Read More
Dental Trends: Teledentistry is Coming
The Movement: Google searches for teledentistry has dramatically increased in the last few weeks. The following terms have seen an increase in search volume: teledentistry, teledentistry jobs, teledentistry companies, American Teledentistry Association, and “What is teledentistry? In 2017,...  Read More
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