#46 Create an Experience
#46 Create an Experience
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Creating an Experience
Michael Dinsio is a Dental Practice Consultant and Strategist that has helped over 500 doctors start, buy, and grow their practices for almost a decade. He is a leader, Speaker, Consultant, and Advocate in the Dental Industry. Michael is the Founder & Co-Owner of Next Level Consultants where he and...  Read More
Focused Finance for 2021
In this episode of The Authentic Dentist, Shawn and Dr. House dive into the importance of tracking finances and understanding profit and loss for your company. It’s important to remember that in order to keep a practice afloat, finances must be utilized efficiently and effectively – and it...  Read More
How To Crush Your Next Annual Team Meeting
In this special episode of The Authentic Dentist podcast, Shawn and Dr. Allison give you a game plan that you can use to give an outstanding annual team meeting!   Team meetings are an excellent way to bring the entire workplace on to the same level, allows for clear communication, and acts as a...  Read More
Dealing With Tragedy - What No One Talks About
How do you remain professional when tragedy happens in your life? Where do you draw the line of communicating with your team or Choosing to still show up to work? Tragedy happens to all of us, regardless of our profession. It’s an unspoken rule that when tragedy strikes, it’s okay to step back and...  Read More
The Missing Piece - The Practicality of Unconventional Thinking
In today’s episode of The Authentic Dentist Podcast, Shawn Zajas and Dr. Allison House, DMD, talk about “The Missing Piece”, what that looked like in their lives, and what it might look like in yours. It’s easy to dream big and say you will do brand new things, but when it’s time to buckle down and...  Read More
One Decision Away From Crushing It - Lessons from a World Class Athlete
In this episode of The Authentic Dentist, Allison shares a story of her friend, Jessica. Jessica is a world-class athlete who was invited to go to the Colorado Olympic Weightlifting Training Center. Along the way, she was faced with a choice; she had to decide if she was going to just be a fan of...  Read More
Bounce Back into 2021 - 3 Ways to Prepare Your Practice for the New Year
Dr. Allison House and Shawn Zajas are back with another noteworthy episode. In this episode, they discuss the three things you can do to prepare for an extraordinary 2021. 1.     Write a patient letter. Include oral care regimens related to overall health and immunity. 2.     Start gathering data...  Read More
Making it Happen; Creating Value in Dentistry
In this episode of The Authentic Dentist, Shawn and Allison have the privilege of talking with CEO of DentalPost Tonya Lanthier. Tonya shares her story of starting off her career as a dental hygienist, recognizing a need in the industry, and starting the DentalPost as a way to meet this need. This...  Read More
What Does Authenticity Look Like?
Why Does Authenticity Matter?  What does it mean to be authentic and why does authenticity matter? The key to being authentic is figuring out who you are, what is import to you - and expressing it. Dentistry is more competitive than ever and patients have no problem leaving your practice to go...  Read More
Capitalizing on the Recent Shifts in Dentistry
Where there are challenges there are also opportunities. Even though we are still amidst a pandemic, there are opportunities that have been created and that can still be imagined due to the recent shifts in dentistry. Just by simply listening to your patients, they will tell you where more...  Read More
Recreating Your Team After The Quarantine
Recreating Your Team After The Quarantine  Many dentists around the country are facing significant staff changes due to the pandemic. Some team members might not have come back to work after the quarantine due to health concerns or caretaker responsibilities. Some employees may not be the right...  Read More
Challenging & Changing The Narrative You Believe
Challenging & Changing Your Narrative  Allison and Shawn share an honest conversation about the power of mindset and personal narrative. Many of us are feeling overwhelmed, trapped and discouraged in these challenging times. Maybe you feel like you’re not enough as you carry the weight of this...  Read More
Rediscovering Your Passion and Reconnecting with Your Patients
Rediscovering Your Passion In this episode, Allison and Shawn share a message of hope and encouragement to dentists who are stuck in survival mode. In crisis, it’s easy to become bogged down by all the details that are required of you and lose the heart of what you are doing. Business can...  Read More
What Dentists Need To Know To Succeed In The New Normal
This week Dr. House and Shawn are talking about PPE, social distancing and all of the considerations you’re juggling in your practice as you are adapting to dentistry post COVID-19.  Dr. House discusses how her practice and team have adapted to the new guidelines given by the ADA. She discusses how...  Read More
Reimagining Dentistry: Post COVID-19 Opportunities
In these unprecedented times, dentists are faced with confusing and overwhelming change in the way they practice, and it’s clear that things will not go back to the way they were before COVID-19. As you face this new normal, in which the foundations of your practice are shaken, you can either be...  Read More
How to Reopen Your Practice
How to Reopen Your Practice Most states are now beginning to see stay at home orders relaxed and elective surgeries resuming. Here in Arizona, Governor Ducey signed executive order 2020-32 allowing elective surgeries, including dental surgery providers, to resume beginning May 1st. Dentists are...  Read More
Navigating COVID-19 - Understanding Your Finances   Read More
Sometimes the most difficult times manifests the opportunity for people to create something larger than life and to step up and become the hero. Our hope is that we can make a difference together as dentists while overcoming the COVID-19 crisis.     Read More
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