Dental Billing Support - Insurance Tips
Dental Billing Support - Insurance Tips
This blog is geared toward anyone working in the dental industry, whether they are Dentists, Office Managers, Insurance Coordinators, Dental Billers, etc. It will help a lending hand to anyone that has any dental insurance questions.
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Davy Clay
Davy Clay

 Bring it in! Huddle up! I love nothing more than a close game. Whether it’s a buzzer beater or a Hail Mary 40 yard pass to the end zone for a last second touchdown, I love the excitement of those final moments. Rarely are those moments off the cuff or random. They usually require repetition...  Read More
2020 Dental Insurance Upgrades  Due to COVID-19
April 6, 2020 Dear Dental Insurance Companies, The COVID-19 crisis has closed dental practices across the country.  Our dentists need your help and they need it now.  You have been playing games for too long with your customers as well as dentists with low fees, outdated frequencies and...  Read More
Good News for Dentists   Read More
Is Your Insurance Aging Report Inflated?
It happens often that doctors and OMs believe their aging report is an accurate estimate of receivables owed to the practice.  Because the report says a certain amount is outstanding, the belief is that this is exactly what they should be able to put in their pockets. Unfortunately this is not...  Read More
Get paid faster? Well…….Not all EFTs are created equal.   All my new clients know about EFTs and want to get set up with every single insurance that offers EFTs.  Some clients are already set up with some insurances and the problem starts here.   There are so many different insurance companies...  Read More
How to Avoid Claims Hitting Timely Filing Period
Claims are denied by insurance companies daily for many different reasons. But one reason in particular, the Timely Filing Period denial, is certainly one that can and should be avoided at all costs.  All insurance companies have a Timely Filing Period in regards to claims they receive must be...  Read More
3 Reasons Proper Setup is Critical
As everyone tries to grow their practice or start fresh with a new location, many docs have the same questions in regards to “How and Where” do they get started on insurance. I was looking at the Dentaltown message boards today during some free time and noticed a similar question.  It was a doc...  Read More

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