The Dental Assassin
The Dental Assassin
A bored lady sharing her dental knowledge across the web.

How to market for dental crowns
How to Market For Dental Crowns When people hear the word “dental crown,” a sudden rush of anxiety fills their mind and body, especially when it’s the first time they’re being offered dental crown services from their dentist. Most people typically are alarmed at the suggestion simply because they...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
Direct Mail Marketing: Advantages and Disadvantages
Does Direct Mail Still Work For Dentists? Direct mail has been the go-to strategy for dentists for decades. But does direct mail still work? Is spending money on your advertising budget with direct mail worth it? How does direct mail marketing work? And how does it compare to other dental...  Read More
Categories: Marketing, Orthodontics
Sedation dentistry is beginning to shine as dentistry continues to advance. People are wanting to have a  procedure in the dental chair as they're are getting their teeth drilled into. Where are we in sedation dentistry, are there any drawbacks to providing sedation inside the dental office. In...  Read More
Understanding The Google Search Engine
Understanding the Google Search Engine Google continues to make improvements in their search algorithm. With another core update release earlier this week, dental websites either saw improvements in their organic search rankings or a ranking drop that will no doubt give owners butterflies in...  Read More

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