Making the Impossible Manageable - Esther's story
Making the Impossible Manageable - Esther's story
Published in Journal of Dental Technology, March 2019 (please visit - Author Conrad J. Rensburg, ND & NHD Full Upper extractions combined with bone reduction, guided surgery and upper zirconia hybrid.

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What the Industry Has Been Waiting For: the Ability to Match Denture Teeth to Monolithic High Strength Zirconia.
This case is a superb example of exactly what our industry has been waiting for… the ability to match high-end denture teeth to monolithic high strength zirconia.   Using Argen HT+ zirconia ( Blue Line teeth, Jack Marrano and his ART team created another amazing result with very indifferent...  Read More
Monolithic Zirconia Closes the Link Between Digital Design and Bringing that Data into the Analog World
Over the last few years we have seen an exponential evolution in digital technology, unfortunately materials have been lagging when it came to esthetics. At Absolute Dental, we pride ourselves in the fact that we always stay at the forefront of these innovative technologies. Zirconia material...  Read More

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