Tips and Advice On How to Grow Your Dental Practice Without
Tips and Advice On How to Grow Your Dental Practice Without "Emptying" Your Bank Account.
Things you will learn from my blog/podcast posts: 1. Ways to leverage ONLINE REVIEWS, SOCIAL PROOF, and INTERNAL REFERRALS to grow your business. 2. Excellent business TIPS and ADVICE from well-known experts and successful business owners.
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Hello all, In this post, I would like to share this short video to inspire you to try to improve your online reputation by getting more positive Google reviews from your happy patients. These reviews are like word-of-mouth endorsements, except at a larger scale on the internet. They basically...  Read More
How Importance Are Online Reviews? - Part 1
How Importance Are Online Reviews?  Personal or word-of-mouth referral has always been the most effective and cost-effective form of marketing. Even though this is the most effective way for a business to acquire more customers, patients or clients from their existing ones, especially...  Read More

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