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TV Lawyers
Why isn’t your lawyer as dramatic as Lt. Daniel Kaffee, and why isn’t the negotiation of your employment agreement as contentious as an episode of Law & Order? In this episode, we explain the key differences between the types of cases that feature on TV, and the types of lawyers that handle dental...  Read More
Dentistry is also a profession that will put you at a higher risk of catching the COVID-19 virus, which can make it even more worrying. Getting some advice is the best way to move forward, so today, we will be taking a look at how to start a career in dentistry during the COVID-19 pandemic. ...  Read More
1509 Dr. Suzanne Ebert of ADA Practice Transitions on Finding the Right Match in a New Practice : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Suzanne Ebert graduated from University Of Louisville College Of Dentistry in 1998. After completing a residency, she started a solo private practice and enjoyed being a private practitioner for 11 years. Upon the sale of her practice, she elected to continue her career by providing dental care...  Read More
Social Media Content for Dentists To Create Your Dental Social Media Campaigns
As a dental clinic you know that in order to stay relevant and to stay at the top of mind of your patient’s and prospective patients, you should at least have a dental clinic social media strategy. But if you don’t understand what type of content will create engagement to help you get seen by more...  Read More
Mouth Breathing: A Modern Lifestyle Habit That Causes Gum Disease And Tooth Loss
Mouth Breathing HabitsWhy  Are We Seeing So Much More Mouth Breathing, Gum Disease and Poor Sleep in Modern Times?  If we look at the skulls of ancient Egyptians, we see that they had very healthy dentitions and almost no crooked or crowded teeth. They also were nose breathers.  This is no...  Read More
Categories: Periodontics
8 Habits That Are Dangerous for Your Teeth
An astonishing snow-white smile is rarely a gift of nature, but rather the result of determined effort. But just a few bad habits can negate all your efforts. Don’t let your bad habits sabotage you by getting rid of these teeth-damaging habits. 1. Chewing hard objects Using your teeth as a tool...  Read More
Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry
Advantages of Invisalign Braces
Crooked, misaligned teeth lead many people to feel self-conscious about their appearance. With , patients are able to improve their smiles with a more aesthetic alternative to traditional metal braces.  What is Invisalign? Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners that gradually move the teeth...  Read More
Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry
269: Dr. Neha Batra | Macomb Children's Dentistry
Does your practice have that "Disney" feel to it? . In this episode I speak with Neha Batra where we discuss why your team should always be "ON"! As soon as they clock in or walk through your doors, they are performing! . Think about it... if a performer is having a bad day... but they...  Read More
The cost of healthcare in the US has continued to rise in recent years. Health insurance premiums are at unprecedented high levels and out-of-pocket medical expenses are just too much.  With this situation, it’s becoming harder for most US households to meet their healthcare budget.  But there are...  Read More
Categories: Public Health
Dentaltown Learning Online....Radiation Safety in Pediatric Dentistry. By Dr. Juan Yerpes.
Dentaltown is pleased to present...Radiation Safety in Pediatric Dentistry.  By Dr. Juan Yerpes. This CE course can be found here.... This course discusses one of the most critical and relevant aspects of the practice of dentistry: radiation safety.  Special emphasis with the young patient....  Read More
Episode 003: Becoming a Laser Dentist
Becoming a Laser Dentist - Dr McCracken   Read More
Categories: Laser Dentistry
1508 Philippe Salah, CEO of Dental Monitoring, on Integrating AI in Teledentistry : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Born in France, Philippe received his MS degree in bioinformatics and his PhD in biophysics from Ecole Polytechnique of Paris. Philippe is the co-founder and CEO of Dental Monitoring – the world’s first remote monitoring platform for dentistry. Founded in 2015, in Paris, France, today DM has 300...  Read More
Dental Realist: Advice for Young Dentists w/ Dr. Howard Trotter
On Episode 53 we welcome retired dentist Dr. Howard Trotter to the Dental Realist Podcast to discuss all aspects of his 42-year career.  -Why did he choose a career in dentistry and would he do it again?  -What was the biggest change in dentistry during his career?  -How did he make dentistry...  Read More
Dental Realist: Inbetween-isode #1 - The Mandalorian
On this In-between-isode, Ryder talks about The Mandalorian, the live-action Star Wars series on Disney+. Star Wars is one of Ryder’s passions outside of dentistry and would love you to join him for this bite-sized episode of the Dental Realist Podcast. Disclaimer: No Jawas were harmed in the...  Read More
Dental Realist: Episode 52 - Six Months Later
  Episode 52 It has been six months since the ADA and local governments told dental offices to shut down temporarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On Episode 52 we discuss if that was the right decision, how it affected dental offices in the short term, how it is still affecting practices, and much...  Read More
How To Advertise Dental Implants For More Dental Implant Patients
Many dentists want more dental implant patients and some of the reasons they’ve given include wanting to take on new dental implant patients since they’re switching their expertise, maybe they’ve hired an associate and want to make sure that there’s enough work for him/her or maybe they want to...  Read More
3 Levels of Wealth
The 3 Levels of Wealth From a Billionaire’s Perspective I’ve been a member of several online groups for  in the past. The majority have used a messaging tool called Slack for internal communication among members. Since the pandemic shutdown across the U.S., Slack has allowed companies to continue...  Read More
1507 Dr. Abhishek Nagaraj & Dr. Anushka Gaglani on Multi-Practice Ownership & Expansion : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Abhishek graduated with a DDS degree from NYU college of dentistry as an international dentist. His passion lies in buying practices and scaling them up to 1 to 1.5 million dollars by using tools of patient education, empowering team members and by putting the patient first. His core focus is to...  Read More
How Stroke and Oral Health Are Connected?
Statistics show that every 4 minutes, someone in Australia dies from a stroke. A stroke occurs when a clot in the bloodstream prevents oxygen from getting to the brain or when a blood vessel in the brain bursts. In another study, it was discovered that patients who had suffered from stroke had poor...  Read More
268: Laura Maly & Michael Anderson | How To Stand Out From The Competition
So... what really makes you different? . "Different" is, most likely, what will make one patient choose your practice over any other practice. . I realized that the more precise, accurate, and definite your "different" is... the better you will seem to your patients when compared to your...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
Evaluating Culture and Helping Doctors Create a Happy Practice with Jeff Richins
Culture problems effect not only the revenue of a practice, but your team as well. Jeff Richins is with us today to talk about the . He says that practices that evaluated their culture and scored higher on the scale, had 3 times more patient acquisition that practices that scored lower on the...  Read More
Episode 145: Easy Tricks Small Dental Offices Can Use To Compete With Larger Dental Chains with Mike Cruz
Dr. Bryan Laskin is joined by Mike Cruz, the amazing Office Manager of , to discuss what tools he has implemented in the practice to make it the most high-tech and patient-centric office in Las Vegas.  How To Compete With Larger Dental Chains Find us on Radio!  Read More
Musing with Sari: Tino Arvanetes
Musing with Sari: Tino Arvanetes   Read More
1506 Dr. Hisham Barakat & Mark Censoprano of Guardian Dentistry Partners on the Benefits of Partnership Networks : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Barakat has been a practicing dentist since 1998. After finishing his Residency, he moved to VA and worked with a group practice from 2003-2010, started his own practice in 2010, built the Smiles group in Northern VA from 2010-2019, and has been with Guardian Dentistry Partners since 2019 as...  Read More
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