Forward Science and Oral Cancer Foundation Partner to Spread Oral Cancer Awareness

Posted: December 10, 2015
Edited by Dentaltown staff

HOUSTON—Oral cancer kills one American every hour, and it continues to affect patients that may not have traditional risk factors. The key to lowering the number of fatalities due to this vicious disease is the discovery of lesions or suspicious tissues before they progress into cancer.

With the oral cancer screening devices available today, such as the OralID, many times clinicians may now have a way to discover abnormalities before they are visible with the naked eye. In efforts to spread awareness about the importance of annual oral cancer screenings, Forward Science, the creators of OralID, and the Oral Cancer Foundation have partnered together to share the story of a family’s loss after a protracted and difficult battle with oral cancer.

At 44 years old, Carol Layer had no traditional risk factors (alcohol or tobacco use) and was not a patient who was in the high-risk category for oral cancer. Carol found a lesion on the side of her tongue and decided to have it examined by her dentist. After numerous referrals, and even a negative biopsy, Carol’s worst fear became a reality: she was diagnosed with Stage IV oral cancer. She fought oral cancer for nine long years before sadly losing her battle in 2011. Carol is survived by her husband and two children.

This video is narrated by her daughter, Rachel, who shares the heart-wrenching story of her mom’s lengthy battle with oral cancer. Rachel stresses the importance of regular/routine oral cancer screenings and shares a first-hand view of why early detection is critical.

“Until there is a cure, the best solution is early discovery. Early detection can not only save people’s lives, but preserve the quality of life,” she said.

Rachel continues to compete in marathons and relay races in her mother’s memory, wearing “Carol’s Fight” on her shirt in every race. She emphasizes the importance of sharing her mom’s story with the world, with the hope of preventing future stories like her own.

“I certainly learned a lot about life and death and what it meant to be resilient through her, and I hope my mom’s story carries forward to people,”

To view the touching story of Carol Layer’s fight with oral cancer, told by her daughter Rachel, visit
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