OralID Creators Announce New Biopsy Service

Posted: May 28, 2015
Edited by Dentaltown staff

HOUSTON—More than two years ago, Forward Science Technologies (FST) received FDA clearance for the latest technology for oral cancer screening, OralID.

Since then, FST has continued to advance dentistry with their focus on the oral oncology market, providing technologies and services that are needed to combat the rise of oral cancer incidences. In April, FST added the “gold standard” service for ultimate diagnosis of oral cancer, PathID, a nationwide biopsy service.

“With the launch of PathID, we are now able to provide a diagnostic service to go along with our screening device, OralID,” states Brian Pikkula, Ph.D., president and Chief Technology Officer at FST. “It is a great feeling to offer dentistry so many options to utilize in their office, all with the goal of early discovery for better outcomes.”

With the addition of PathID, FST now has multiple testing options for dental offices to utilize during the efforts for early diagnosis. CytID, a liquid based cytology swab; hpvID, an oral HPV point in time test; phID, a chairside pH test; and now PathID, a nationwide biopsy service; are all services offered by ID Laboratories, a division of FST.

PathID is a biopsy service that is focused on the uniqueness of the oral cavity. Contrary to most pathology services, PathID will be read exclusively by oral pathologists, focusing on detailed pathology results to better treat each patient. Free case consultations will come with each PathID biopsy reading to be able to understand the diagnosis and decide a treatment plan for each patient.

With the addition of PathID, Forward Science Technologies now has closed the loop in oral cancer detection. From discovery with OralID, intermediary testing with CytID, and gold standard diagnosis with PathID, FST has every option needed for clinicians to diagnose oral diseases at their earliest stages, resulting in more lives saved.
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