OralID Facebook Charity Campaign Donates Fourth Device to the Homeless Emergency Project

Posted: May 19, 2015
Edited by Dentaltown staff

HOUSTON—In the spring of 2014, Forward Science Technologies (FST) began a Facebook charity campaign with the goal to give back to the underserved communities.

The company challenged the dental community to “Like” their OralID Facebook page. With every 500 “Likes” FST would donate an OralID oral cancer screening device to a non-profit organization. Previous donations of OralID were made to North Carolina Missions of Mercy in Cary, North Carolina at 500 “Likes”, the Free Clinic of Simi Valley in Simi Valley, California at 1,000 “Likes”, and recently St. Christopher’s Foundation for children in Philadelphia, PA at 1,500 “Likes”.

In April of 2015, the OralID Facebook page reached another milestone, 2,000 “Likes”, becoming the most “Liked” oral cancer device on the market. With this milestone, another OralID device is to be awarded for a non-profit that serves the public in a unique way. The fourth OralID oral cancer screening device was donated to the Homeless Emergency Project, Inc. (HEP) in Clearwater, Florida.

HEP serves men, women, and children, including veterans who are at or below the 200 percent Federal Poverty level. Homeless and low-income individuals are provided with housing, food, clothing and support services necessary to obtain self-sufficiency. Similar to FST, HEP believes in giving back and has participated in many community service events; Safe Harbor Dental Screening, Wellness Day, and has even partnered with students from the St. Petersburg College Dental Hygiene Program, allowing them the opportunity to gain experience by providing HEP guests with the dental care they desperately need.

“The goal of the HEP Dental Clinic is to increase the standard of care for our residents, this generous donation from Forward Science Technologies allows us to do so. OralID allows us to perform our complete oral health assessments with the latest technology,” explains Terrance McAbee, President and CEO of HEP. “We are excited to be able to not only use OralID at our state of the art facility, but due to its portability, we are excited to be able to take it with us when we visit our patients off site! We were so excited, we screened our staff and volunteers first, as OralID has been a motivating factor for everyone here at HEP. We cannot thank Forward Science Technologies enough for their donation.”

OralID will be a valuable tool for the HEP Dental Clinic to utilize to maintain their high standard of care in serving a vulnerable population of people. Forward Science Technologies is proud to award such a giving foundation with an OralID oral cancer screening device in the hopes of a brighter future for the individuals currently residing at HEP.

“Once we were introduced to what the HEP Dental Clinic did to serve their community, it brought tears to my eyes, literally!” said Macie Case, FST marketing associate. “We are excited to partner with HEP to offer OralID enhanced screenings to those who typically would not receive such a high standard of care.”


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