Texas Dentist Receives the Orkos Award for Successful Gum Disease Treatment

Posted: March 3, 2015
Edited by Dentaltown staff

ST. LOUIS—Perio Protect has awarded Dr. Greg Gist, of Southlake, Texas, the Orkos Award for his case study that resulted in successful long-term treatment of a patient with gum disease. 

As the economy improves, patients are returning to their dentists. Many of these patients are finding that the health of their gums has declined. The patient in Dr. Gist’s case study resumed treatment after a four-year absence.  

A comprehensive exam revealed generalized periodontitis, moderate bone loss and gum recession. A routine probing (a measuring the pockets between teeth and gums) indicated that the patient’s pockets were 4-6mm deep (3mm or less being healthy) and that bleeding during the exam was heavy. This scenario is all too common for patients who have been avoiding professional dental care due to the recession.

Following the exam on January 28, 2013, Dr. Gist began the first of four debridement and scaling procedures. After mechanical therapy, Dr. Gist delivered Perio Trays, prescription, customized periodontal trays worn by patients to hold medication in periodontal pockets to kill the bacteria responsible for gum disease and gum infections. The patient was advised to wear his Perio Trays twice a day for 10 minutes to deliver 1.7% hydrogen peroxide gel and three drops of an antibiotic. 

At the end of March, approximately two months after the initial visit, the patient exhibited no bleeding on probing and more than 90 percent of his pocket measured healthy depths. A periodontal maintenance visit in June confirmed additional improvements. 

Dr. Gist attributes the long-term success of this case study to his focus on both the destructive symptoms and bacterial causes of the disease.

“So much medicine today focuses on what has happened, not how to fix a problem. I am concerned with comprehensive treatment and prevention that addresses the sources of disease.” he said.

The prescription tray delivery used for this patient, and for many in Dr. Gist’s practice, has been described by Dr. Gist as his secret weapon and therapeutic silver bullet for effective bacteria treatment.


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