Forward Science Technologies Continues to Innovate While Celebrating One-Year Anniversary

Posted: March 20, 2014
Forward Science Technologies LLC is proudly celebrating their one-year anniversary of the launch of OralID, the latest FDA cleared device to screen for oral cancer. “This has been an amazing year for us”, explains Vice President of Sales, Luis Rivera, “We have now over 700 OralID users in both the US and Canada, most of whom first heard about OralID through word of mouth of raving customers.  This is a clear testimonial to not only a great product we have to offer in OralID, but the superior service we provide to every customer.”

Forward Science Technologies is celebrating their milestone by continuing to provide the dental market with advanced technologies in launching CytID. CytID is a  liquid-based cytology test to complement the florescence technology of OralID. “CytID was created due to our customers demanding more information once they identified a suspect lesion with OralID fluorescence screening.  CytID creates a system with proven tools to help the clinician gain additional information they want and need,” says Robert J. Whitman, CEO.

President and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Brian Pikkula, stresses the importance of being on the cutting edge of technology, “We are a science based company that provides 21st Century solutions to today’s oral health issues.  We will continue to innovate while maintaining an excellent reputation on our products and service for many years to come.”

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ABOUT Forward Science Technologies LLC
Forward Science Technologies LLC is a privately held medical device company based in Houston, Texas.   With the launch of CytID, Forward Science Technologies becomes the first company in the United States to provide an oral health protocol.  In addition to being the only FDA Cleared oral cancer screening device with no per patient costs, OralID caries a sector leading 2-year warranty.  As an intermediary test before a biopsy, CytID provides clinicians with a quick and painless test for “when you need to know more."
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