Wellness Dentistry by Dr. Dana Rockey DMD
Wellness Dentistry by Dr. Dana Rockey DMD
My passion and focus is on health and wellness - helping patients to achieve and maintain health, rather than simply reacting/responding to disease. That focus is combined with an oral-systemic discipline to patient care.
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The Role of JuicePlus+ in Wellness-Based Healthcare

The Role of JuicePlus+ in Wellness-Based Healthcare

7/10/2016 8:10:56 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 103

For Dr. Dana Rockey, a general dentist for 32 years, the last five years have been the most significant. In that time, he has discovered a new way of living and has made lifestyle changes to be healthier. He used to be 60 pounds heavier and used to take pharmaceutical medicines for blood pressure and high cholesterol. About five years ago he discovered that nutrition was really the number one thing that determines how healthy a person is going to be. Nutrition largely determines a person’s longevity, energy and quality of life. Before that time Dr. Rockey didn’t really understand the importance and significane of nutrition. Once he figured that out, it completely changed his life, and his dental practice.

As Rockey learned more about nutrition, his key findings included that eating a plant-based diet was important. In his process of research he discovered the JuicePlus+ product line, whole food put into capsules and shake mixes. The capsules and shake mixes include dehydrated fruits, vegetables and berries – real food, concentrated produce, not a supplement.

Rockey notes, “JuicePlus+’s Complete Shake Mix is the ideal plant-based blend of what we call “macro nutrients” – proteins, fats, fibers.”

He continues, “Five years ago I put it all together. I discovered nutrition and discovered plant-based nutrition. Today, I’m off all pharmaceutical medicines, I’m sixty pounds lighter.”

Peggy Anne Rockey, RN and Wellness Coach says, “After years of following the medical research and personally experiencing the benefits of eating JuicePlus+ as part of our daily diet for many years, we knew it was time to share the benefits of JuicePlus+ with our patients.” Although Dr. Rockey started taking JuicePlus+ five years ago, Peggy Anne their children have been taking the fruits and vegetable juice powder concentrate for over ten years.

During his journey to health and fitness, Dr. Rockey has developed so much passion for wellness and teaching that, that he and his wife, Peggy Ann Rockey have collaborated and blended their careers. In late 2015, The Rockeys opened a new kind of dental practice in Newport Beach. Dr. Rockey says, “I’ve converted my practice to what I refer to as a wellness-based practice, and nutrition is a big part of that. We always review nutrition with new and existing patients which is part of the new standard of healthcare that we are leading. We approach dental care comprehensively and want to make sure that our patients are healthy and feeling great from head-to-toe.”

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