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Smart Strategies for Getting New Clients

Smart Strategies for Getting New Clients

5/26/2015 4:00:00 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 273

Podcast Episode #10: Smart Strategies for Getting New Clients

Episode #10: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast
What You’ll Learn From This Episode: 
  • Why more patients don't refer their friends to practices. 
  • The incentives you can use to drive more referrals.
  • The importance of measuring your sources of your referrals and tracking other related metrics. 
  • How to grab people's attention to increase your rate of walk-ins. 
  • Tips for promoting your practice on the web.
  • The role your website plays in bringing in new clients.
  • The power of testimonials.

Smart Strategies for Getting New Clients

Many dentists invest so much time, effort and money into their practice, they provide exceptional care to their patients, but at times, all of that just doesn’t seem to be enough to completely fill their schedules. So if they do such a great job, why don’t they have more clients? Why can’t they get more leads, referrals or walk-ins?

In this episode of Dentist Freedom Blueprint, Dr. David Phelps and Evan Harris cover an array of strategies for bringing additional business to your practice. From getting referrals from existing clients and attracting new walk-ins to having a solid web presence, your hosts share game-changing marketing tips that are sure to fill your schedule year round. Don’t miss this value-packed episode!

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