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Jar Jar Binks was a general, a hero, and he also had a very long tongue. But what kind of detail goes into caring for a tongue that size or any size? Join Star Wars School of Dentistry to discuss the importance of tongues, their anatomy, some problems and disorders, and how to keep a clean tongue. ...
“Creating a really unique, specialized patient experience is a great way to create a competitive-free zone.” -Paul Vigario Too many doctors go through the paces and do what have always been done. But it’s already been done! So there’s nothing special about it.  If you’re doing what everyone else...
“The number one thing that has made it easy for me as a leader, Is being super clear about what characteristics we as a team should embody.” – Regan Robertson Have you ever been frustrated with team members who hide out, forget simple tasks, or downright refuse to take accountability?  It comes...
There’s new legislation now in effect that affects all dentists and their patients in the United States. The problem? Virtually no one knows about it. I recently attended an event called “Datapalooza” where I gleaned a ton of compelling insights about the transfer of patient health data. This...
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