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Grogu escaped Order 66, has been tracked by bounty hunters, and was trained by Luke Skywalker, but has he ever had his first dental appointment? Join the Star Wars School of Dentistry to discuss the importance of early childhood dental appointments in this galaxy and the galaxy far, far away! ...
Dental insurance throughout the years has become a high marketing expense for dental practices and not a true “benefit” to our patients. In this episode of the Patient First Podcast, Dr. Laskin uncovers what dental insurance really is, what it isn't and how to adjust the way things are in order to...
On this episode of the Dental Up Podcast, we recorded onsite at the 2022 AGD Show in Orlando Florida live with Dr. Eric Wong, MAGD! Dr. Wong is a graduate of University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry and was in private practice in Sacramento, CA for 20 years.  He is...
Podcast Episode #391: The World of Private Transactions: What, Why and How – Larry Pino (Part 2) Episode #392: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast The World of Private Transactions: What, Why and How – Larry Pino (Part 2) What happens in real estate private transactions?  Dr. Larry Pino is back...
Inflation Reduction or Business Disruption? The WealthAbility Show #119: Does Biden’s new tax bill have your business in mind? What exactly fuels this plan and who ends up paying? This bill is set to increase the pressure on already struggling companies. In this episode, Steve Moore joins Tom to...
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