Implant Drivers and Driver Tips for Single-Torque Wrenches by Elizabeth J. Fleming, DDS, Clinical Director, Dentaltown Magazine

by Elizabeth J. Fleming, DDS, Clinical Director, Dentaltown Magazine
Since I don’t surgically place implants on my patients, I work with a periodontist or an oral surgeon who will give me the specifics about the implants they place, enabling me to prepare to restore them. Using this information, I can order the implant parts ahead of time, and have the torque wrenches and drivers on hand. I have an arsenal of parts for the various implant systems.

Could you tell which driver would be needed by having this information and viewing your assortment? If not, here is a handy guide.

. 048" (1.22mm) Hex .048" (1.22mm) Hex Long For NobelBiocare, 31, Friadent, Keystone, MegaGen, Hiossen

.05" (1.25mm) Hex .05" (1.25mm) Hex Long For Zimmer, Astra, BioHorizons, Intra-Lock, MIS, SteriOss, Sybron, Implant Direct, PerioSeal

PROC Driver • PROC Driver Long “Star" Driver for NobelBiocare Active & Unigrip Screw, Neoss

Screw Driver • Screw Driver Long Flat-Blade Screwdriver

.035" (0.9mm) Hex .035" (0.9mm) Hex Long For NobelBiocare, 31, Keystone, BioHorizons, Friadent, PerioSeal

.05" (1.25mm) Square .05" (1.25mm) Square Long For Keystone, 31

ITI Driver • ITI Driver Long “ITI" Driver for Straumann SCS

LOC Triangle Driver LOC Triangle Driver Long For Locator™ Abutment

.07" (1.7mm) Hex For Paragon TSI Abutment

.08" (2.03mm) Female Hex For NobelBiocare, 31

TG Driver For 31 TG Abutment, Straumann SCS

© 2015 Salvin. Reprinted with permission.

If you place implants on your patients, likely you work with a few different implant systems and are familiar with the components. For those of us who are just restorative dentists, remembering which driver and the corresponding torque value needed to restore the various implant systems can be a challenge. To help, here is a comprehensive torque value chart from Genieoss.

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