You Should Know: CrownMen by Benjamin Lund, Editor Dentaltown Magazine

You Should Know:

by Benjamin Lund, Editor,
Dentaltown Magazine

When you're given thousands of dollars worth of scrap metal by all of your customers, trust is important. That's the sole mission behind CrownMen Dental Scrap Gold Refining based in Florida. Dentaltown Magazine interviews CrownMen General Manager Ron Abboud to learn more about the company's processes, its online format, its special promotion and its mission.

Tell us a little bit about CrownMen's history.
Abboud: My grandfather, James Elias Abboud who was born in 1892 and was a U.S. Army World War I veteran, began buying dental scrap in the 1930s, during the great depression. I remember him as one of the old time crown men who went door to door to acquire scrap gold. Once I learned the ropes and as technology came of age, I got the idea to ditch the old-school method for a more efficient online model. Our online model is so quick, the customer gets paid more and faster. Gaining a dental practice's trust is much more precious than the metals we're collecting. Once we start working with a dental practice, they stay with us because we're extremely transparent and we've built trust with them. Just look at our online testimonials [Editor's note: visit].

In the past, CrownMen used to have door-to-door reps. Do you still have them?
Abboud: We have a few ambassadors who visit dental practices, and they do a great job for us, but with our online model we deal directly with the doctors and we can cover a lot more territory with greater speed and efficiency.

Since you've transitioned to an online format, how much quicker do docs get paid?
Abboud: We can pay within 72 hours. If practices call before noon, I schedule a same-day pick-up at their office. FedEx brings you a box with the labels all printed out. The driver will even pack it up for you. I receive the scrap metal the next morning, and I'll have the material processed by noon the following day. Then I mail our letter with payment to them the day after.

What else do you do to stand out from the competition?
Abboud: Unmatched customer service. I take calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If our customers already work with one of our ambassadors, they'll talk to them, but if not, our customers will work directly with me. Also, right now, anyone who processes with us for the first time will receive a free Apple product, depending on the quantity they process.

Tell us more about the Apple promotion, Ron.
If you process 100 crowns with us, we'll give you an Apple iPod shuffle. If you process 150 crowns with us, you get an iPod Nano. If you process 225 crowns, you get an iPod touch. If you process 275 crowns, you get an iPod Classic. If you process 450 crowns, you get an iPad. If you process 1,200 crowns, you get an Apple MacBook Air, and if you process 1,500 crowns, you get a MacBook Pro. We've been offering this promotion for three years, and it's been a resounding success. We might not make any money ourselves in the first transaction, but we build such a strong rapport with our customers that the repeat business is worth it.

What's the most rewarding experience you've ever had working with dentists?
Abboud: I worked with a dentist in Florida, who had been saving scrap for years. He called me up late in the day. FedEx couldn't go out and pick it up that day, so I drove to him, picked it up, drove back and started processing it. I called him the next day and told him what he was going to earn. He was blown away by how much he was going to get back. I sent him the check, and the next day he called me and told me to drive back up. He was so impressed he handed me another shoebox full of material. It was extremely rewarding for both of us.

What is the one thing you would like the dental community to know about CrownMen?
Abboud: We are the trusted, go-to name in dental scrap metal recycling and refining. That's our mission and we're sticking to it.

To learn more, visit or call 402-290-9000.

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