New Products

New Products
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Orbit for Kids Sugarfree Chewing Gum
Wrigley's Orbit gum launched Orbit for Kids, a new sugarfree chewing gum that will help parents and dental practitioners keep kids' teeth healthy when they are on the go and between checkups. Orbit for Kids gum is recognized for its oral care benefits and has been awarded the American Dental Association's Seal of Acceptance.

Available nationwide, Orbit for Kids comes in two kid-friendly sugarfree flavors: new Strawberry Banana and Original Bubble Gum. It will be available in 14-tab envelopes (great for parents to hold onto) and Multi-Pack bags with 10, six-tab micro packs (perfect size for kids!). Fourteen-tab envelopes will be available for an MSRP of $1.29 and 10-ct. Multi-Pack bags for an MSRP of $4.49. For more information about Orbit for Kids, visit

Basic Aspects of Medical and Dental Lasers
Basic Aspects of Medical and Dental Lasers by Jeffrey G. Manni provides tutorials for the non-laser-technical reader on the basic aspects of medical and dental lasers, laser delivery systems used in laser medicine and surgery, and how laser light interacts with biological tissue. Use of mathematics is kept to an absolute minimum, and the math is simple. These tutorials are recommended reading by the Academy of Laser Dentistry for dentists and hygienists preparing for their certification exams. Jeffrey G. Manni is a laser engineer who helps clients develop laser-based products and applications.

Molar Media Mount
The Molar Media Mount is the first and only arm that mounts directly to a dental light, holding a screen directly in your patient's line of sight. It is made of lightweight, high-strength materials, and is specifically constructed to work with an iPad mini or similar-size devices. The Molar Media Mount takes away the need for bulky and expensive television mounts, and adds a sleek, modernized look to any dental office. For more information, visit

Demandforce New Features
Demandforce is proud to announce four exciting new features available immediately. Intuit Local makes it easy for consumers to find your practice by putting it everywhere online. Recurring campaigns puts your targeted marketing campaigns on autopilot by scheduling them to recur for any frequency of choice. Demandforce appointment reminders will now be sent to patients automatically through Google Now, a new app that helps consumers stay on top of what's happening in their everyday lives. And Demandforce syndication has expanded to now include Bing, so Demandforce customers receive thousands more impressions every month! Learn more today by going to

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