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The Two Secrets to a Happy Retirement (Hint: Neither one is about money)
Dentaltown - December 2016
Dentaltown board member Dr. Doug Carlsen discusses the two factors that contribute most to postcareer contentment.
Seven Habits of Financially Successful Young Dentists
Dentaltown - 2015 New Grad Edition
Dr. Douglas Carlsen tells you how to get on your feet quickly, both financially and professionally.
Financial Timelines for Any Age Doc
Dentaltown - December 2014
Finance guru Dr. Douglas Carlsen lays out a step-by-step, age-by-age guide on how and when to retire and still live comfortably.
Inside Carlsen’s Brain: My Most Important Financial Resources
Dentaltown - November 2014
Dr. Douglas Carlsen lists all the resources he uses to keep up his fi nancial savvy — from books and websites, to blogs and videos.
Quick Bite: The D-Word
Dentaltown - August 2014
Why All the 401k-IRA-SEP-Roth-Profit- Sharing-Confusion?
Dentaltown - May 2014
Dr. Douglas Carlsen talks about retirement financial options and which are the best investments.
High Tech, Low Overhead
Dentaltown - June 2014
Dr. Douglas Carlsen interviews a doc who has high-tech equipment but overhead near 50 percent. Learn the secret.
Money Versus Doctor
Dentaltown - July 2014
Money can get the best of you. Douglas Carlsen and Jen Butler team up to share advice on the mix of finance and stress.
The D-Word
Dentaltown - August 2014
A look into one of the most catastrophic financial losses a dentist can be faced with: DIVORCE
Debtrimental to Your Health
Dentaltown - September 2014
Avoid the health risks that come with being buried under your debt. Dr. Douglas Carlsen provides a dose of medicine and candid advice.
I'm Out, I'm Ready, I Owe How Much?
Dentaltown - 2014 New Grad Edition
Doctor’s Biggest Financial Mistakes
Dentaltown - October 2014
Dr. Douglas Carlsen writes about fi nancial mistakes, which he admits, he’s learned from experience.
Do-it-Yourself Finance, Part V: Insurance
Dentaltown - April 2013
Dr. Douglas Carlsen explains why you need to have insurance and which ones you should have as a safety net.
DIY Finance, Part VI: Red Flags and Scams
Dentaltown - May 2013
Dr. Douglas Carlsen discusses variable annuities, exchange-traded notes, IPOs, vacation timeshares and insurance you don’t need.
Do-it-Yourself Finance, Part VII: You Are Not Immortal
Dentaltown - June 2013
Although we don’t like to think about needing to get our affairs in order, we must. Dr. Douglas Carlsen presents a to-do list and discusses estate planning.
Do-it-Yourself Finance, Part VIII: It’s Retirement Time! How Do I Get My Money?
Dentaltown - July 2013
Now that you’ve saved it, how do you access it once it’s time? Dr. Douglas Carlsen presents several ways to access and maintain your money.
The Silent Killer of Dentistry
Dentaltown - August 2013
Dr. Douglas Carlsen interviews Jennifer Butler about stress, its prominence in dental offices and how to manage it in your practice.
Retirement Transition: “Mr.” Instead of “Dr.”, What Do I Do Now?
Dentaltown - September 2013
Retirement isn’t all umbrella cocktails on a beach vacation. Dr. Douglas Carlsen explains financial resources and recommends doctors decide what they’re going to do when they “grow up.”
Gain an Early Financial Edge
Dentaltown - 2013 New Grad Edition
Dr. Douglas Carlsen explains how new dentists can best plan their finances.
Rental Investments: Sane or a Pain?
Dentaltown - October 2013
Real estate is often viewed as an investment, but Dr. Douglas Carlsen explains why it’s not always the safest bet.
How Much Money Can You Make When You’re Dead?
Dentaltown - November 2013
Dr. Douglas Carlsen leads the discussion about the correlation between stress, denial and finances.
Hey, Carlsen! I’m Going to Trade Stocks, Time the Market and Beat It!
Dentaltown - December 2013
Dr. Douglas Carlsen explains the impulse to actively trade stock, and also cautions against trying to time the market.
Clutter vs. Sanity
Dentaltown - January 2014
We all accumulate stuff in our houses, but many of us do the same thing in our practices. Dr. Douglas Carlsen lists the things for which you should look out.
Honey, I Shrunk the Retirement
Dentaltown - March 2014
If your retirement savings took a hit when the economy tanked you might be scratching your head and wondering what to do. Dr. Douglas Carlsen explains your best options.
24 Ways to Pass Go: Keep the Marriage and Money Police at Bay
Dentaltown - April 2014
Dr. Douglas Carlsen lays down the 24 best practices to save, budget and grow the money in your practice and your life.
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